Monthly Archives: April 2013

Our Grand Experiment

As the saying goes, “Better late than never”, and this announcement is definitely a few weeks late.

What is this announcement, you ask? Well…we’ve taken the plunge and gone full-time! We launched Press in December of last year, but just over a month ago, TwentyFive Squares went from being an evenings and weekends endeavor, to being our full-time gig. And what a roller coaster ride it has been.

When Jay and I started TwentyFive Squares, it wasn’t called that. It wasn’t really called anything. We had an app that we would work on in our free time. The app had a name, then another name, then another, until we finally settled on “Press”. It eventually reached a point where we thought we had something special, so we brought in our friend Chad to take the design to the next level. Through lots of iteration, we settled on a “feel” that we really liked.

Jay and I then decided to push ourselves a little further and make a short promo video for Press. This is something we had no experience with, but we’re fortunate to have friends who are very talented. A phone call to Jay’s brother, Josh, and we had someone to shoot the video. An email to our friend Tyler and we had an editor. A few more emails and we had a song, a venue, and a shooting time.

That was our starting point. Neither Jay nor myself could have guessed where that would take us. We started this as a project to push ourselves, to learn more about the app development process, and to create something we were proud of. All of our expectations have been exceeded (especially the learning part). Going from corporate jobs to running an independent development company has been a steep learning curve. We have to be the developers, the support staff, the executives, the public relations group, and lots more. It’s all new and it’s all exciting. We look forward to sharing a lot of these challenges, lessons, failures and successes through this blog.

But while our story has seemed chaotic, we have always stuck to our principles. We love great and thoughtful design. We want people to not only use our products, but to experience them. Our vision has always been to create things that we ourselves want to use. Methodologies will change. Technologies will change. Design aesthetics will change. And we will change with them. But our commitment to building things that people enjoy will not change.

The journey from weekend code-monkeys to indie developers has given us opportunities we didn’t think possible and challenged us to our limits. This is our grand experiment and we’re loving every minute of it.