The Syncing Announcement: Stage 1

We’ve been intentionally quiet the past two months, but continued to work hard in preparation for the post-Google Reader world. There has been a ton of movement in the RSS space during that time, and we’re really excited about this next chapter. We’ve been exploring a lot of different options over the past several weeks and feel we’re in a place where we can announce the first round of services that Press will support. Each of these services offer unique features that enhance the traditional Google Reader experience. Drumroll please…

Feed Wrangler

Just to be clear, there will be more services announced soon. These are three that we have been spending time with and feel comfortable going forward. We think that they fit well with Press, but they also offer a wide variety of features to choose from. Some of these syncing services are also iterating quickly, so the features you see now will also be improving at a rapid pace.

Our goal going forward is to roll out these services as soon as we have them implemented to match Press’ current feature set. Keep in mind, some services may take longer than others to get them ready to ship. We also want to incorporate service-specific features where possible. Please let us know if there’s anything specific from these services that should be integrated into Press.

Thank you to everyone for the emails and tweets letting us know what services you are interested in. It’s been incredibly helpful as we made these decisions. If you have any other thoughts or features requests, be sure to let us know on our new UserVoice page at We’ll be providing updates on the availability on these services in Press, so watch for those in the near future.

Most importantly, THANK YOU to all of our amazing customers for supporting us during this transition!