Press 1.4

We’re really excited to announce the newest version of Press that we’ve been working hard on. With version 1.4, Press delivers two new features that have been a long time coming:

Fever is the fourth service offered in Press and fills a gap that wasn’t covered before: self-hosted RSS. Fever support has been one of the top requests we’ve received since Press was launched and we’re excited that it is finally ready.

For the subway riders and travelers out there, image caching will be a welcome addition. Any cached images are fully viewable while disconnected from the network. You can enable/disable image caching in the settings, or simply long-press the sync icon to start a manual one-time image cache.

We also want to make Press more accessible to as many people as possible, so we took another step in that direction with version 1.4. You now have the ability to underline links in articles, which is helpful for color blind users.

It wouldn’t be a major update to Press without refining the interface – we just can’t help it. We’ve minimized some of the elements on the screen to bring the content more front-and-center. This includes toning down shadows and reducing bolded text. The result is a more natural feel as you read.

Those were just a few of the things addressed in version 1.4. Here is the complete changelog:

  • Fever support
  • Offline image caching
  • Manual one-time image cache (hold sync icon)
  • Totally redesigned Settings
  • Added preference to show titles-only in article list
  • Added preference to show titles-only in large widget
  • Added preference to disable double-tap for Readability
  • Added accessibility preference to underline article links
  • Image viewer improvements
  • Freshened the UI throughout the app
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed syncing issues
  • Lots of bug fixes

Thanks so much to everyone who provided awesome feedback over the past few months!