This Android app is our hand-crafted reading experience. We took away the clutter of 'feature' heavy RSS readers and concentrated on giving you what you want: Simply reading your news.


We put a lot of care into designing an app that we would use.


Multiple Syncing Options
Syncs with Feedly Cloud, Feedbin, Feed Wrangler, and Fever.


Simple Navigation
Everything gets out of the way and it's simple to do what's most important - read the latest news.


Offline Reading and Image Caching Support
Once your articles are synced it's easy to read anywhere. No internet connection required.

The News You Want to Read
Marking articles as read is easy, and Readability integration shows full text content.


Simple Sharing
Share an article with a friend, or save it to your favorite read later service.


Image Zooming
You don't need to squint. Zooming into images is simple.