The new iPhone 12 comes faster and with a larger storage capacity. The color range is quite interesting by incorporating the Pacific Blue option into their series. The phones are made with a ceramic shield front. Also, they are designed with stainless steel and textured matter glass on the back.

The maximum capacity for the whole iPhone 12 series is 512GB. They are water splash and dust resistant. iPhone 12s can sink to maximum depths of six meters for about 30 minutes. The cameras can shoot photos of up to 12MP and 4K videos. With long battery life, the new iPhone 12 is fantastic.

Are you a lucky new owner of an iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro? Then, come along and read the best accessories you can get to maximize the convenience of owning an iPhone and the device’s life.

If you also were smart enough to get your iPhone 12 via one of the deals big carriers often make, then perhaps the best non-physical accessory you can get your phone is unlocking its IMEI. The best unlocking service provider we know is IphoneIMEI, but feel free to explore the best options for you.

What to look for when buying Accessories For iPhone?

The most important thing when getting an accessory for your iPhone 12 is to think about what would be a great addition to the device. For some, is charging flexibility, for others is safety, and for others is a particular aesthetic.

We will list the best options whatever your situation is. But, always there will be a niche that might be exactly up to your alley, so continue to explore other products that fit best your lifestyle.

Top 5 Accessories For iPhone 12/ Pro

Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger iphone 12

Wireless Charger iphone 12

There are plenty in the market, but to stay within the same brand. We recommend Apple’s own MagSafe Wireless Charger. It is known that Apple products perform better with native products and software.

The MagSafe is said to be the fastest wireless charger, and for iPhone 12 it might be true. The magnetic charger uses Qi technology, with 15W support. The device retails for about $39, and it has a great price for value. The cheapest option is at Amazon but always check for deals in the area you live in.

Using the MagSafe is very convenient and comfortable. You just need to place the iPhone 12 on the charging dock and the magnets will adjust it so they fit perfectly. It provides a fast charge, in a very comfortable fashion. No cables, no hassle.

Convenience Case

Convenience Case iphone 12 pro

There are many cases in the market, and iPhone cases are particularly abundant. We won’t focus on aesthetic options, everyone has their own taste. However, we will show you two very functional cases that will assist with your daily life.

The first case is the Apple iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe Charger Cardholder Attachment. As the name explains, it is a case that allows you to safely carry your card around. It is made out of leather, and the color options should please anyone. It comes in black, blue, a poppy golden hue, and brown. Instead of getting a wallet or folio case, this is the best way to keep that sleek look, and the screen accessible at all times.

Even when Apple’s wallet looks like a case, it is in reality an attachment. This convenient accessory uses the MagSafe to snap onto the back of your phone. That means you can use a range of things on your phone while using the wallet. It will stay firmly attached with no option of coming off, regardless of the ruffle in your purse.

The lowest price on Amazon is $23.99, so better to catch the deal before it expires. Or check some discounts in the stores in your area.

Protection case

Protection case iphone 12

The second case on this list is a protective case. Even when the iPhone 12 series have been designed with strong materials, there is always the chance of nefarious activity happening.

What if we drop it from our building? Or even from the tabletop? The best way to make sure our expensive inversion stays in good health is to get a strong case.

Our top recommendation is the Element Black Ops X3 Case. This is an extreme case that can protect your iPhone 12 from unexpectedly destructive situations. It works well with some wireless chargers.

This case is for sure an investment on its own. The cost is about $249, seriously steep for a phone case. However, it possesses the military-grade capability of keeping your device safe and sound. The Black Ops X3 has MIL-SPEC armored protection. The only available color is black.

This case has a removable card magazine, so you can store safely your cards or ID. It also has integrated a retractable kickstand that allows you to position it at a good angle for video viewing. You can find this case at Amazon for easy delivery.

iPhone 12 lenses

iPhone 12 lenses

iPhone 12 lenses

Do you like to take photos? Then this accessory is right up your alley. iPhone 12s have one of the best cameras on the market for smartphones.

We recommend the Sandmarc Telescope lenses. Their lenses have great quality and are easy to use in combination with your phone. The price ranges from $80 to $130, but if you live to take great nature shots it’s a great investment.



AirPods require little to non-introduction, they have become a worldwide sensation since they were released. There is no better accessory than one to listen to music. Maintaining our posture on native accessories, we choose the AirPods as the best combination to go with your new iPhone 12.

The AirPods have up to 5 hours of battery life, and their sound quality is otherworldy. If you want to go extra fancy, you can opt for the AirPods Pro, with their noise-canceling features it’s a worthy purchase.

The price of the AirPods on the Apple website is $159 with the charging case. They also have some great payment plans if spending that much on one go is not your thing.