You are not really short of options when it comes to android music players for your smartphone. Google play music comes with your phone and offers basic functionality and cloud streaming, which is great for starters. However, in case you want something about simple music playback, you can choose to install third-party apps.

Android smartphones do come with the default music player. However it may not be having great features, or may not provide you a nice equalizer, or the user interface might not be up to the mark. For example, Google play music comes as the default music player for most devices these days, however, it does not have features like folder view, the ability to edit tags for files, and many other tools.

So here is the list of the best android music players that will surely improve your listening experience.

10 Best Android Music Players

  1. Musicolet
  2. Phonograph
  3. Pulsar
  4. AIMP
  5. Pi Music Player
  6. BlackPlayer
  7. n7player
  8. MediaMonkey
  9. VLC
  10. Musixmatch


Musicolet best music player for android with equalizer

This is a lightweight, at free music player that comes with quite a lot of features. You can control your music player using your earphone button and fast forward songs too. It is the only music player app for android which supports multiple playing cues, or so it claims. Musicolet has an intuitive GUI with easy to access tabs for folders, albums, artists, and playlists.

To add to the list, it supports lyrics, sleep timer, equalizer, widgets, and much more. Where it comes to function, this is one of the best android music players to use with an experience that is unparalleled.

Special Features Of Musicolet:

  • With a multi-queue manager, you can set more than 20 Queues.
  • You can control your music with your earphones.
  • It has support for android auto 
  • Album much of multiple songs can be edited using the tag editor



Phonograph Music Player 

Phonograph Music Player App

This is one visually engaging app and has a good material design user interface. It lets you make changes to color according to the content on screen. You can customize the player as you want using the theme engine. Not only that, but it downloads missing information from your media automatically. It also supports a track editor. It also has other features like lock screen controls, a sleep timer, and gapless playback. Insured, the app is not only good looking but also provides great features. It has in-app purchases.

Special Features Of Phonograph 

  • you can categorize your library into albums, artists, et cetera
  • There is a theme engine for customization
  • It automatically downloads information about tracks





Pulsar Music Player 

Pulsar Music Player Android App

It is a lightweight and free android music player app which is preferred among a lot of users. It is also free of ads and has a simple but beautifully designed user interface and animation. It allows you to even customize the interface with different color themes. The library can be sorted by album, artist, or folders.

The application also offers features like home screen widgets, built and tag editor, a five-band equalizer which is available in the pro version, and much more. Don’t mistake the app for its small size for it is one of the best music players for android.

Special Features Of Pulsar Music Player 

  • It supports crossfade
  • It supports Chromecast and android auto
  • The search across the library is fast
  • It allows you to create smart playlists according to most played, recently played, or newly added songs



AIMP music player for android

AIMP music player for android

On a regular basis, you look for simplicity and necessary features in any music player, and this app provides exactly that. Also, it may be the most beautiful among all the apps. The important features like shuffle and repeat are placed right on the playback screen. There are also features like sleep timer, speaker control, equalizer, and so forth.

A lot of important and advanced options are hidden down in the setting options in the hamburger menu. You can tap on a song to know about the important details like the singer, gear, file type, bitrate, and storage location.

Special Features of AIMP 

  • The app is simple to use
  • A lot of advanced features included
  • Most files are supported




Pi Music player 

Pi Music player  best music player for android auto

This app comes with all the necessary features a user would want in their music player app. You can choose themes from its different varieties and change them later as well. The interface is designed beautifully and makes everything simple and easy to use. The library views include tracks, albums, artists, genres, playlists, and folders

Apart from that, it also comes with a sleep timer, widget support, ringtone cutter, and much more. Although the app is available for free in the play store, it plays ads. Additional purchases can be made to be ad-free.

Special Features Of Pi Music Player 

  • It supports a 5-band built-in equalizer presets like Bass Boost, 3D Reverb Effects, Virtualizer and more 
  • There is a Pi Power Share feature to share tracks, albums, and more
  • folder view for managing files 
  • supports Audiobooks and podcasts 



BlackPlayer Music Player

BlackPlayer Music Player best android music player app

This app is one of the best music player apps for android that comes with a load of features. Its user interface is designed so that it can be completely controlled by gestures and swipes. The font and the UI color can be changed precisely too.. if that isn’t enough, it comes with widgets, sleep timer, changeable themes, and a lot more. Standard local music file formats such as MP3, WAV, and OGG are supported.

The app can be downloaded from play store for nothing and is also ad-free however there is an extended version that can be purchased for extended features.

Special Features Of BlackPlayer 

  • 5-band equalizer. 
  • Android Auto and WearOS Is supported
  • You can view and edit embedded lyrics 
  • Support for synchronized .lrc files




n7player Music Player 

n7player Music Player 

With a stylish user interface and an innovative surface search, with this app, you can simply zoom in and out to view any music file you desire. You can look for any song among the various views in the media library. This app also comes with features like Gapless playback, bass boost, tech editor, Sound virtualization effects, widgets, and a lot more.

You need to buy the app from Google play store with a minimal amount to enjoy all its features. Though it is worth the price, there is also a free version which is a trial version for 14 days.

Special Features of n7Player Music Player 

  • The 10 band equalizer with multiple presets is available
  • Lock screen widgets and app theme can be customized
  • It supports Chromecast, AirPlay, and DLNA





MediaMonkey  music player widgets for android

This is another music player app full of useful features. Its library consists of albums, audiobooks, podcasts, artists, tracks, genres, and even composers. For a trial period of 15 days, even the folder view is available.

The app will also download your missing album art and lyrics. The app can be synced with windows as well. The seek bar of a track Can be viewed in the notification panel by enabling it in the settings. There are also additional features like sleep timer, tech editor, and home screen widgets.

Special Features Of Media Monkey 

  • You get a five-band equalizer
  • Large files like audiobooks and videos can be bookmarked
  • It supports android auto and Chromecast devices
  • It is Compatible with third-party scrobbles including and Scrobble Droid





VLC best music player for android auto If you read our list of the best media players for windows, you must’ve come across VLC media player. Hence, why not try out its android version to play MP3 and other audio files? When it comes to performance and compatibility with formats this app is among the best, although it is not the most attractive option out there.

Like any other music player, VLC has an audio section that automatically scans all the music stored on your phone and source the content in different categories. The categories include artists, albums, tracks, and genres. There are also features like sleep timer, playback speed adjustment, equalizer, set as ringtone, and other standard features.

Special Features of VLC 

  • It is an Open-source app 
  • It has a simple, no-nonsense interface 
  • lots of file types Are supported


 what is the best free music app for android

If singing along to songs is your thing, then this app is the one for you. It has a floating lyrics widget that assists you in accessing lyrics sink in real-time. Lyrics can be viewed even while using Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, sound cloud, and more.

You are allowed to search for songs by title or artist or even a line of lyrics. The player includes all the main features and the media library includes album, artist, genre, and folders. The free version of the app displays ads, however, you can also purchase the premium version and get rid of them.

Special features of Musixmatch

  • It translates lyrics real-time
  • It identifies the lyrics of the song playing in the surroundings
  • You can share lyrics using the LyricsCard feature 
  • Supports Chromecast and WearOS

Best Android Music Player 

Music player apps these days offer great functionality with plenty of features. Choosing the right player for yourself depends on your requirements. So, if you want your own music player app for your android device, you can pick any app from the aforementioned list.