One thing that has become less and less common in our households is a calendar that hangs in every room. We carry a pocket calendar in our smartphones all the time, and it can do so much more than just display the dates. Apps such as clocks and calendars were among the first apps to be developed owing to their necessity. 

All smartphones have a default Android calendar app. But there are many better alternatives available in the Play Store offering advanced features that aid in keeping reminders or sharing events. A list of useful Android calendar apps has been compiled below. 

Business Calendar 2

Business Calendar 2 is a popular task management and event planner app for Android. The app is user-friendly and users can navigate easily between month, week, or day ¾views. Its integrated task organizer helps in synchronizing with Google tasks. It allows voice usage to quickly add events and tasks. Calendar widget support is also provided. The widgets are transparent and can make the home screens look pretty cool.

In-app purchase for upgrade is available for this app. Pro version offers many useful features like integrated weather view, linking of contacts to appointments, 22 additional themes, etc. The best part is that the app doesn’t display any ads.

Any. do

com.anydo is an all-in-one app for keeping you organized. The app integrates an intuitive interface to make to-do list, reminders, calendar, and notes. Initially, it is required to signup using email, Google or Facebook. The app allows day, week, and month views of tasks and reminders. As the tasks sync in real-time with Google calendar, Facebook events or any other calendar service, you can never miss important events. Additionally, there is transparent widget support which displays the calendar in month view so that new tasks and events can be added from the widget itself.

The app is free and provides in-app purchases.

aCalendar-Android Calendar

aCalendar provides an intuitive navigational interface with a smooth transition between day, week, and month views. The fully customizable options can automatically import all your data from Google Calendar and Facebook. Great flexibility with the calendar view allows you to choose what you want to see. Other features include reminders and tasks, themes and unique stuff like moon phases and holidays.

This is a free app but contains ads. The premium upgrade is available as an in-app purchase and provides additional features like ad-removal, public holidays, etc.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar, available by default on all Android devices, is a simple calendar app developed by Google and is available for both Android and iOS. It allows the creation and editing of events and quick switching between month, week, and day view. The app which includes all the essential features has a clean and bright interface. By integrating with Gmail, it automatically adds events like flight, hotel, concert and restaurant reservations to your calendar. Besides this, the app allows enabling or disabling the visibility of special occasions like birthdays, adding reminders and goals, etc.

It is free with no ads.

Google Kalender
Google Kalender
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

DigiCal Calendar

DigiCal Calendar is considered to be one of the best calendar apps for Android. It enables quick and easy scheduling due to its clean design and multiple agenda views. There are seven different types of calendar views, nine different themes and up to six various widgets in this app. It provides automatic syncing with Google Calendar, Outlook and Exchange. The app offers plenty of add-ons such as sports calendar, TV schedules, etc. A  built-in weather forecast, time zone, and location search are also provided.

DigiCal is free. It contains ads and in-app purchases.

DigiCal Kalender
DigiCal Kalender
Developer: Digibites
Price: Free+

CalenGoo – Calendar and Tasks

CalenGoo is another reliable Android calendar app that is not new. The free version of the app is available for a trial period of 5 days. After that, the paid version may be opted for. It comes in direct sync with Google Calendar. However, it can also be synced with other calendar systems such as Exchange, CalDAV, and iCloud. CalenGoo has several features like five calendar views, a wide selection of calendar widgets, built-in Evernote sync, reminders, recurring events, etc. It allows calendar sharing with other people and allows inviting people to appointments.

Android Calendar

Android Calendar

Simple Calendar

Simple Calendar is lightweight and one of the best Android calendar apps. It is free with no ads or in-app purchases. Though it does not allow synchronization with other calendars like Google Calendar, it has options for CalDAV synchronization. Also, it does not provide many features like most of the other calendar apps. The app is open source and provides customizable colors. It allows creation of recurring events and setting up reminders. The app contains a monthly view and four by four widgets. Even though it has only the basic features, it can still be a reliable calendar option.

TimeTree – Free Shared Calendar

TimeTree is an excellent Android calendar app suitable for co-workers and family members. By allowing you to put everyone’s schedules on the same calendar, it lets you share tasks, create and edit events for all members. The communications section permits you to add comments and photos. Other features include reminders, notes, widgets and support for Google calendar, Apple calendar, and Outlook Calendar. Also, it allows you to share your events with people who do not use the app. Overall, the app is quite simple and has an intuitive interface. It is free and contains ads.