Android is an operating system that is built basically for Mobile phones. It’s used for touchscreen mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. But nowadays these are used in Android Auto automobiles, TV, watches, camera, etc.. Android has been one of the best selling OS for smartphones. Android OS was developed by Android Inc. that Google bought in 2005. Today, Android stays to control on a global scale. It is a working system that has a massive marketplace for apps.

Developing an Android application without Android libraries’ magical is almost always a wearying task. Libraries help to lessen the time, effort, and money needed for the invention of an Android app. Below are a few of the best libraries which each developer should know.

Dagger 2

Dagger two is one of the best Android libraries and it mainly is based on utilizing Java annotation chips that have compiling time in order to calculate and identify dependencies. The principal benefit of Dagger 2 on other dependency injection frameworks is that its rigorously designed execution means that it can be used in Android software. But, there are still some factors to be created when utilizing Dagger within Android applications. The fundamental problem of producing an Android program using Dagger is that several Android framework classes are instantiated by the OS itself, like Activity and Fragment, but Dagger works great if it can create all of the injected objects. Alternatively, the programmers need to perform members’ shot in a lifecycle system.

Best Android Libraries

Best Android Libraries


Retrofit is a type-safe REST customer build by square for Android and Java which intends to make it easier to enlarge RESTful web services. Retrofit uses OkHttp as the systems administration layer and is based on it. Retrofit naturally serializes that the JSON reaction using a POJO (PlainOldJavaObject) that must be distinguished in cutting edge to your JSON Structure. To serialize JSON we require a converter to change more than it to Gson first. Retrofit is much easier than other libraries we do not need to parse our JSON it directly returns objects but there is 1 disadvantage also it does not provide help to load pictures from the server but we can utilize Picasso for the same.


Picasso is an open-source and one of the widely used image downloaders libraries in Android. It is created and maintained by Square. It’s one of those powerful image downloads and caching library in Android. Picasso simplifies the process of loading pictures from external URLs and exhibits on the program. By way of instance, downloading a picture from the host is one of the most frequentBest Android Libraries tasks in almost any program. Plus it needs quite a larger quantity of code to make this happen through android networking APIs. By using Picasso, one can achieve this with a few lines of code.


Glide is comparable to Picasso and may load and display pictures from many resources, while also focusing on caching and keeping a low memory effect when doing picture manipulations. Official Google apps will also be using Glide. Glide is a Picture Loader Library in Android developed by bumptech and is a library that’s endorsed by Google. It has been utilized in several Google open source projects including Google I/O 2014 official application. It leaves animated GIF support and handles image loading/caching.

It’s a barcode image processing library implemented in Java, with interfaces to other languages. Google utilizes ZXing by web search to obtain millions of barcodes online indexable. It also creates the base of Android’s Barcode Scanner program and is united to Google Product and Book Hunt.

Streamaxia OpenSDK

Streamaxia OpenSDK Video Library for streaming library for iOS and Android based on RTMP that you can integrate within seconds in your app. Broadcast live to any CDN and networks, including:, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Cloudfront, Adobe Media Server, Wowza, Red5, plus other digital media broadcast and live video streaming platforms. 


CAMView is a android camera easy access library and installed QR scanner, dependent on ZXing. It is an android library using simple yet persuasive elements for using the apparatus camera in the programs. The library comprises a set of components (views), ready to be set to the design files in order to offer developer instant access.

CAMView takes and hides all of the messy jobs and mangles for tackling the non invasive procedures, such as camera initialization, configuration, streaming, orientation changes, apparatus and cameras compatibility, threading, etc.. Just set the appropriate view component to the design and the program is camera-ready.


Stetho is a sophisticated debug bridge for Android applications. When enabled, developers have a route to the Chrome Developer Tools feature section of the Chrome desktop browser. Programmers can also prefer to allow the discretionary dumpapp tool which allows a powerful command-line port to program internals. Without limiting its performance into just network inspection, JavaScript games, database inspection, etc..


ButterKnife is one of the best android libraries that bind android views and callbacks to fields and methods. But unfortunately, this instrument is now deprecated. Developers are switching to View Binding. View binding is a feature that allows you to efficiently write code that interacts with views. Once see binding is allowed in a module, it creates a binding class for every XML layout file accessible in that module. A good example of a binding course includes direct references to all views that have an ID from the corresponding layout. Typically, view binding replaces findViewById.