Android is probably the most popular mobile operating system, and in our opinion, it is due to its versatility, and it’s compatible with a wide range of devices. You can find many apps in the Play Store, which serve different purposes, including apps, to verify if your phone is working the way it should be.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best App to Test Hardware on Android. Using these apps, you can evaluate the performance of your smartphone’s hardware with ease, check the hardware information, etc. Most of the apps we are going to talk about are free and available in the Play Store.

The best Android hardware diagnostic apps let’s explore the best Android apps which perform a system check of your Android smartphone’s hardware configuration.

Sensor Box

Sensor-Box android hardware info

If you are in the hunt for an app to examine the sensors available on your smartphone, you better give Sensor Box a shot. The performance of sensors like accelerometer, photometer, orientation, proximity, temperature, gyroscope, sound, magnetic sensor, etc. will be evaluated. The app produces an easy to understand performance report once it finishes scanning for malfunctions.

Phone Doctor Plus

android hardware test app

This app is unique compared to the other apps mentioned in this article because it performs 25 different system checks to test your phone’s hardware capabilities. It diagnoses the sensors, battery, screen, mic, flash, camera, and even your smartphone’s memory. The only downside to this app is that it takes quite a long time to complete the scan.


best android diagnostic app

AIDA64 for Android is one of the best android systems and info testing apps. It has the ability to show diagnostic information for smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and even TVs, including detecting CPUs, core clock measurement in real-time, Screen measurements, pixel density and camera details, Battery health, and monitoring the temperature, etc.


android system information

android system information

The mobile variation of the popular CPU diagnosis tool for PC, CPU-Z is a free system info checking app: SoC (System On Chip) name, chipset architecture(ARM64, ARM64-v81), each core’s clocked speed. System information like device brand & model name, screen resolution, RAM capacity, storage information. Battery information like level, stats, temperature, overall health.

Droid Hardware Info

android system check

If you’re in the market for a lightweight app to examine your Android hardware specifications of your mobile, then Droid hardware info has got you covered. A comprehensive summary will be provided, including the type of device, system, memory specs, camera info, battery health, and all the sensor details concerning your phone.

GFXBench GL Benchmark

GFXBench GL Benchmark is a cross-platform and cross-API 3D graphics benchmark testing app that keeps track of motion graphics performance, long-term performance stability, rendering quality, and battery consumption. And on top of all this, it is free! With the GFXBench version 4.0, it is possible to evaluate mobile and desktop performance with heavy workloads and intense graphics.

Hardware Info

system info for android

Hardware Info is Another lightweight Android hardware diagnostic application that provides information about your Android device’s hardware capabilities. The data is presented in a simple and an easy to understand way, which includes: System, Display, Processor, RAM, memory, etc.

CPU X: System & Hardware info

phone tester hardware info

This app shows information about a device like a processor, cores, speed, model, ram, camera, sensors, etc. You can also check the internet network speeds, daily and monthly data usage, and real-time download and upload speed.

My Device

It is a powerful yet easy to use system info app that displays all the essential details about your phone. Whether it be information regarding your System on Chip (SoC), the memory of your device or tech specs about your battery, or any other relevant information about your device sensors.

Test Your Android

This app uses a material design user interface. Test your Android is an Android diagnostic app which will provide you with all the system information about your device


android system info app

Observe your hardware in real-time and get extensive information about your device model, CPU, GPU, memory, battery, camera, disk, network, and operating system. This app provides you with all the information you need about your hardware and operating system in an accurate and organized way.

Full system info

android hardware info

android hardware info

The entire system info app is quite remarkable. This Android app will not only provide you with the general information with regards to your phone, but this app also has the ability to tell you if the device is rooted or not. This app will even display instantaneous statistics about your device.

Device Info

best android diagnostic app

With its appealing user interface and user experience, Device Info will provide you with a detailed Android system information report, which includes details about your phone, system, and hardware.

Phone Info

android hardware test app

Phone Info provides a report with regards to your Android smartphone’s operating system.
This app gives detailed system info for Android smartphones, including screen resolution, RAM, Storage, and battery information like status, temperature, and capacity.


android system info

TestM will help you sell, buy, or repair your Android smartphone with a thorough report it provides. The report includes everything from speakers, touch screen, sensors, connectivity, motion to the camera, etc.


Test Hardware on Android

This app will put your phone’s hardware to the test with GPU and CPU Benchmark evaluations.
The app will assign a score after the benchmark evaluations are done, which can be used to compare different phone models. This app provides you with so much more than that, including unique charts, lists, and rankings.

System Info Droid

System Info Droidis an Android system information app that provides instantaneous statistics about the device and gives you relevant knowledge about your device. It includes benchmark tests, freeing up the RAM, creating copies of the already installed apps, consists of a widget for keeping up with live statistics, sharing these stats to your friends, and so much more.

So, these are some of the most excellent Android systems and hardware info test apps. If you know of any more apps, let us know in the comment below! I hope this article helped you! I hope your friends also find it useful.