The telephone is one the greatest inventions to have been made. However, everyone who owns a phone knows the pain that comes with it – unwanted junk calls. These calls are often from tele-marketing agencies or even scammers, looking to build their businesses by fooling people. Fortunately enough, there’s always the option of Call Blocking App For Android for such numbers. Some devices come with a built in feature of barring calls, while others need a little help from third party apps.

Here’s a list of twelve Call Blocking App For Android that are definitely worth a try –

Should I Answer?

This Call Blocking App For Android provides information about the caller by categorising the type of call and assigning ratings. Tele marketers, scammers and other unwanted junk calls are dividedShould I Answer Call Blocking App into separate categories and assigned ratings. The rating is displayed by the app when one receives a call from an unknown number. One can choose to block specific numbers or block all calls from unwanted numbers. Furthermore, the Call Blocking App For Android lets one decide what information they submit to the database. This app does not misuse any data and also works offline.

This Call Blocking App For Android is available free of cost, with zero ads and a user friendly interface.


Trusted by millions of users, truecaller is an excellent Call Blocking App For Android to have on one’s phone. Not only does this app block calls or messages from unwanted numbers, but it alsoTruecaller App identifies unknown numbers and their location. One can see the names of the unknown callers in the history tab, filter it out and also find out more about each number. A fairly easy app to use with user friendly interface, it allows one to backup all history and database to Google Drive. Apart from that, there is an option to block all spammers listed in the truecaller database.

Call Blacklist – Call Blocker

Call Blacklist is a Call Blocking App For Android that works to block both spam calls and messages (SMS). One can create a blacklist and a whitelist in the app. It allows users to block calls and messages from any specific number, private or hidden, or any other number not saved on the phone. Furthermore a specific time slot can be allotted to block the calls or messages. The Blacklist canCall Blacklist – Call Blocker App be turned on or off as per choice. The app can be password protected.

The app is available free of cost and is lightweight. It contains ads and a few in-app purchases.

Call Blocker

Another useful and efficient app to have is Call Blocker. It is a lightweight and efficient Android call blocker app that helps one to avoid annoying and unwanted calls. It gives one the permission to block private numbers, tele marketers and robocalls. The app lets one create a blacklist on which numbers can be added from the call log or the contact list. There is also an option of creating a whitelist for preferred numbers. The blocked numbers can be seen under the log tab and can be unblocked whenever wanted. Also, the app contains notifications feature and aCall Blocker Android App status bar icon.

The app is available for free, but it does include ads.

Safest Call Blocker

This Call Blocking App For Android keeps things quick and simple. One can easily create a blacklist and block certain numbers from the contacts or call logs. They can also be added manually. Certain numbers can be prevented from being blacklisted by using wild card entries. There is also an option to block the last number one has had a call from. One can also allowCall Blocker Free - Blacklist and Whitelist notifications of blocked calls and view the history of blocked and blacklisted calls by using the log feature.

The app is lightweight, free and contains ads.

Mr. Number – block calls and spam

Mr. Number is another one of the famous Call Blocking App For Android. It permits you to block unwanted calls as well as identify and stop spam calls and messages. You can select numbers from your contact list or enter them manually. It even allows you to block any specific area code or any international numbers. You can also choose to block all other numbers exceptMr. Number - Caller ID & Spam Protection those in your directory. The app is quite easy to configure and provides total protection.

The app is available free of cost, with no ads.

Hiya – caller ID and block

Another useful Call Blocking App For Android is Hiya. In addition to blacklisting numbers, andHiya - Call Blocker, Fraud Detection & Caller ID blocking calls and messages, the app contains other useful features like ID security protection and reverse phone number look-up. This allows the app to perform a reverse phone number search on an unknown number and lets one know if the number is a fraud or a legitimate caller. It has the function of automatic alerts for warnings of unwanted incoming calls. The app also supports calls within the app. The app is free without any ads.

Nomorobo Robocall Blocking

Formed in a contest called the Robocall challenge, Nomorobo , today, maintains a 1.8 Nomorobo Robocall Blockingbillion of blacklisted phone numbers . the app similarily to Hiya, in that it uses a database to distinguish scams from legitimate phone calls, thereby saving its users the pain. In case an incoming call gets flagged as a scam or spam, it’ll be caught and hung up on after the phone rings once. There’s also an option of making a whitelist in case certain numbers are not to be blocked.

Robokiller: Spam call Blocker

This Call Blocking App For Android lets you get even with robocallers. Once a caller is identified as spam, the RoboKiller - Spam and Robocall Blockerrobokiller app automatically blocks their number. It then sends it to its “answer bots”. It is a feature of the app that plays pre-recorded messages. The aim is to trick tele marketers and scammers into thinking that they’re speaking to a real person. The result is a conversation that messes with the caller’s call quotas. This sometimes puts them out of business. The app even records these conversations in case one wants to listen to them later. The app includes text spam filtering to avoid those unwanted messages. Another feature is its customizable “block” and “allow” lists of callers.

Youmail Voicemail and Spam block

Another great Call Blocking App For Android is Youmail. It works similarly to other apps on Youmail Voicemail and Spam blockthe list – it uses its algorithm to automatically block robocalls. Once a call is identified as spam, the app plays the ‘number disconnected’ tone. This tricks the callers into assuming that the phone is out of service. Youmail also provides its own voicemail feature, where it lets one see who left a message. The messages are stored in its cloud database for easy access anytime. In the Professional plan of the app, there are features like setting up automated secretary with custom greetings and an auto reply feature sending text messages to callers for when you can’t answer.

Call Control Home

Landline phones aren’t safe from robocalls either. Fortunately, Call Control Home is an Call Control - SMS/Call Blocker. Block Spam Calls!automated call blocking system in a small device that works with any phone line with a cord. Once the device is plugged in, one needs to simply pair the device with the Call Control app on the smartphone. It has “CommunityIQ” feature, enabling it to use a crowd-sourced list of reported spams to identify and block callers beforethey can connect. The app can also be used view recent calls to the phone and create personal block lists.

The free version of the app is for the landline, whereas the premium version protects the smartphone too.

Trapcall: reveal no Caller ID

Trapcall uses patented technology that forces unknown or spam callers to identify TrapCall: Reveal No Caller IDthemselves. The way it works is that once the app is installed, any call that comes up as “no caller ID’ can be declined, and the app will ring it back to the phone under its actual identity within moments. This Call Blocking App For Android also features automatic spam blocking using a blacklist that can be regularly updated. So when a telemarketer or a scammer calls, the app automatically plays the “number disconnected” tone to them.

The is available free of cost for basic features. However the premium version has features like a “live caller ID” that enables one to see the name and photo of everyone who tries to contact them.

Call Blocker Free

Call Blocker Free is another one of the great Call Blocking App For Android. Just like other Call Blocker - block incoming and outgoing callsapps, it blocks unwanted calls or messages. The app lets one create a blacklist and a white list for the contacts. Moreover, one can configure the app for notifications about incoming blocked call. There is also an option to enable the “call reminder” to help identify unknown numbers.

The app comes for free and is supported by ads Must download this Call Blocking App For Android if you are looking free version.