This article is about the 7 best apps like Camscanner for Android & iOS.  These apps that offer various features and options are great for scanning documents on the go. Also, the quality of scans is much better. So, if you are one of those who use a smartphone for scanning documents, go through this article till the end. 

7 Best CamScanner Alternatives for Android

Adobe Scan

Adobe offers a document scanner to Android smartphone users with advanced and handy features compared to CamScanner. Due to its straightforward user interface, this app is quite easy to use. 

The best thing about Adobe Scan is that all documents get synced with the Adobe Cloud account, making it possible to access all essential documents from anywhere at any time. Besides, with options like crop, resize, text recognition, and more, scanned documents can be edited. 

Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR
Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner, OCR
Developer: Adobe
Price: Free+

Office Lens

Microsoft’s document scanner app is an all-in-one scanning app. Other than scanning documents, it can be used for scanning whiteboards, images, photos, business cards, etc. this app also provides various saving and sharing options which can be time-saving. 

All of the documents scanned by this app get saved as both pdf and normal images, making viewing of documents quite fast and easy. The quality of the scanned documents is also quite good. 

CamScanner Alternatives


Photoscan is an excellent app for scanning physical photos into digital copies. Clicking a picture of a glossy photo from the camera app results in unimpressive results. The scanned images through the Photoscan app are of good quality as this is an app developed by Google.This app works great with black and white images as well as colored prints. It can remove the white bezels from the photos and prevents any glare from the glossy surface of the photo.

This app can be quite useful if you want to save all of your photo albums on your phone or want to share your physical photos on online social media platforms. 

Fotoscanner von Google Fotos
Fotoscanner von Google Fotos
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

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Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner is a straightforward, simple app for Android smartphones for quick and easy scanning documents using a phone. There are no extra unnecessary features.

The app being quite small in size does not consume many system resources. The scans get saved as PDF files and the page size can be set at letter, A4, A3, Legal, Business Card, or other popular formats while creating scans.

One of the best things about this app is that it automatically detects the page boundaries, so, the scanned image is not required to be adjusted afterward in the Tiny Scanner app.

Tiny Scanner : Scan Doc to PDF
Tiny Scanner : Scan Doc to PDF

Fast Scanner

Another excellent alternative to CamScanner is the Fast Scanner that offers a user interface similar to that of CamScanner. 

The scanned images can be saved in several formats like PDF, JPEG, PNG, DOCX, etc.  This enables sharing of scanned documents with others over the internet easily. This app keeps all of the scanned documents sorted by date and time automatically, helping in locating the scanned documents quickly.

Its easy-to-use interface coupled with a modern and sleek design and layout makes Fast Scanner a great app.

Fast Scanner - PDF Scan App
Fast Scanner - PDF Scan App
CamScanner Alternatives

CamScanner Alternatives

Notebloc PDF Scanner

Notebloc is one of the best CamScanner alternatives available for Android devices. Various useful features and options of this PDF scanner app make it an editor’s choice app on the Google Play Store. 

As this app has OCR support, all the text in the scanned documents gets converted to digital text, which can be copied and shared with others quite easily. Such a feature is highly useful for students who need to scan a lot of notes.

Notebloc also detects the edges of the document that are scanned. On account of this, the scanned documents get aligned automatically. While scanning multiple documents at a time, this feature is especially useful and time-saving.

All of these features are entirely free while using the Notebloc PDF Scanner on an Android smartphone. Also, check out Evernote alternatives for Android.


Scanbot, also an editor’s choice on the Google Play Store, is one of the best CamScanner alternatives. What makes this app one of a kind is that it includes automation features in a document scanning app.

Other than documents, this app can scan QR codes and barcodes. The OCR feature in this app allows the conversion of scanned documents into text. Hence text can be easily exported from the scanned documents for use in other word processing software.

SwiftScan - PDF-Dokumentenscanner
SwiftScan - PDF-Dokumentenscanner

Above all, the scanned documents can also be saved on cloud storage without any issues.