Every once in a while, people need to declutter their home of old stuff, and Craigslist is usually the go-to place for selling such stuff online. But don’t be fooled. It’s not just for the old stuff that you want to get rid of. You can rent out apartments sell cars and even offer jobs on the website.

The website is open for advertising and selling items, however, there is not a personal add section. So, if you are looking for alternatives to the website, you have come to the right place. We will list out some of the best Craigslist alternatives for personal ads and selling things online.

Facebook Marketplace (Best Craigslist Alternative)

 best craigslist alternative


Facebook has over 1 billion people using it on a monthly basis and the Marketplace is becoming a place to sell everything at a fast pace. The fact that Facebook messenger is built into Marketplace is convenient so that you don’t have to send emails back and forth.

Specific keywords within the group can be searched for while looking for a certain product. If no such criteria are submitted, the results appear to be like the regular Facebook news feed.
They shall be displayed inconsistency with the time of posting.

Make sure that you read the group’s rules before listing a product to sell. Some groups are more restrictive than others. Similar to Craigslist, firearms can’t be sold with any of the Facebook Yard Sale groups. Selling on Facebook is free.


 replacements for craigslist personals

This is also a popular alternative to Craigslist. It does a slightly better job than Facebook when it comes to group and product listings. Specific keywords can be searched for in addition to general categories. In this way, it is easier to search for items. On one hand, while craigslist has a simple platform, Letgo allows sellers to give more details. For example, videos can be posted in addition to pictures.

The website is quite attractive. At the site’s homepage, photos can be seen of recent items listed for sale. Additional items from the same seller can also be viewed when clicked on the product.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the site is also a little safer than craigslist. To create a let go profile you need to verify your Google or Facebook account. Letgo can also be convenient. Its app helps you interact with the potential buyer or seller which makes some people feel more comfortable through a transaction with a complete stranger.


Swappa is a platform that helps one buy and sell various electronic items like cell phones, tablets, cameras, and so forth. Even Smart home equipment such as voice assistants and thermostats are available. As a seller, the platform is completely free.

Since the platform helps in assisting the sale, the buyer has to pay a small fee. The fee is refundable in case the buyer isn’t satisfied with the product.


Living in a large US city, Recycler can be a good option. It began as a local classifieds newspaper and ended up becoming a national market place, with 18 million monthly users. The platform can be used to buy or sell pets, cars, or even find houses to rent.

After selling on recycler, you can post your listings to Facebook or Twitter. You can use paid ads to target specific buyers or markets to increase your exposure on The platform.


Although a relatively small platform, Offerup has grown popular recently due to a lot of product listings and about 23 million app downloads. It has also been awarded the app of the year by Geekwire.

The platform allows you to either accept the listed price by the seller or make your own offer. There is a watchlist that you can add your listings to in case you’re not sure what to buy at once. Both buyers and sellers receive ratings. This makes the process feel secure. Sellers in visitors can broadcast their listing on Facebook as well.


 best alternative to craigslist personals

Oodle has a somewhat unique way of helping you purchase or sell locally. With different sites, you just observe listings that merchants post on that marketplace. With Oodle, a few listings are presented legitimately on Oodle, however, they likewise brush other Craigslist choices to grow their listings.

For instance, you may see vehicles recorded from Cars.com along with vehicles sold by real Oodle individuals. Oodle can likewise be a decent method to purchase or sell collectibles as they will list items from eBay for neighborhood pickup. Oodle has a wide exhibit of classes including pets, personals and administrations. The platform permits merchants to promote listings through Facebook too.


Bookoo is another alternative to craigslist. Items can be listed one at a time or a yard sale can be advertised. There are locations all across the country quite a few locations are in towns with military bases. This includes military members also to buy or sell belongings with their most recent move.

The platform asks sellers to create a profile including a short bio and a picture. One must also list the types of items listed by them in the past. With about 2 million current members, The site is fairly small, however, it has an easy to use the platform to buy or sell. It supports live chat and there is a social media vibe to it.


This platform was founded in 1999 and allows one to buy or sell merchandise, vehicles, heavy equipment, real estate, and services across 160 communities. In case you Live in a major city like LA or Chicago you could give this platform a try.

The platform makes a transaction safer than other online sites by offering “safe trade“ transactions. It is essentially a transaction that occurs when buyers and sellers meet at the local police department. So if security is your priority this platform could be a great alternative to Craigslist.


This one probably has the almost identical look and feel of craigslist. Almost anything can be searched for on this site. In addition to that, there are product listings in Canada and Euro two.
Compared to other categories there are more listings to buy or sell pets. It is free to buy or sell on the platform.

PennySaver USA

Pennysaver used to be a free newspaper that you could pick up from the newspaper stands back in the day. Now, they have an online platform, and one can find local deals by entering their ZIP Code. A printed edition is still published. A lot like the classified section in your local newspaper, you can publish paid ads on Pennysaver as well.

Ads Globe

Ads Globe is an online newspaper classified ad service. On this platform, unlimited ads can be posted for almost any category like merchandise, real estate, pets, and even travel. You can even advertise your business services or events with this alternative to craigslist.


Entirely free to use, this site allows one to buy or sell anything. A very simple layout would remind anyone of the classified ad in the newspaper, except with pictures. If you live in a large city you have a bigger chance of finding success with this platform, like with any other craigslist alternative. However, they do have boards for smaller regions as well.

US Free Ads

This platform has been around since 1999. It is not like most sites in the sense that it allows one to list only two products at once, unlike other sites that allow unlimited postings.
Frequent users or people pursuing additional features will have to upgrade to a gold or premium membership that costs $10 per year and $9.99 per month respectively. Buyers only need a free membership to buy on the platform. Dogs, horses, and houses are their most popular listings.


 local personals like craigslist

Online classifieds are offered in over 60 countries by this site. Most big US cities have a board. Paid ads are accepted from national retailers, which means not every listing is local.

You may find more success with the platform if you live in Los Angeles, New York, or Miami. These cities are their featured boards. On a single city board, posting your ad is free. However, you can pay extra and extend the add two more cities.

USA Today Classifieds

One of the most renowned newspapers also has a classified section for the print and online edition. You may want to try this only if you have a big item to sell since the cost of publishing is high. That said, you can get a wide exposure to buyers.


Trovit is a classified search engine that is ideal for buying. Multiple online classified databases can be searched for with this platform. The site is well organized and easy to use. One must choose their country first and then choose their subject. Homes, cars, or jobs are available to choose from at the top of the page. Thereafter, you shall be directed to a narrow search. It is to be noted that not all areas have listings on Trovit at this time.


Most of eBay closeouts and deals are conveyed by means of mail. Be that as it may, there are nearby pickup choices for things that are huge or massive to dispatch. You should seriously think about this choice when searching for or selling collectibles, level screen tv’s, and vehicles (eBay engines).

eBay can likewise be a decent alternative if your items don’t sell locally on Craigslist or one of these different destinations. While it’s conceivable to sell nearly anything on a neighborhood site, there may be a weak interest in your market.
One drawback to eBay is that they charge posting and selling expenses in many occurrences.

Those expenses can cut into your benefit as you sell. In any case, you could generally raise your value a piece to take care of the expense of posting and selling charges on eBay.


Mercari is a selling application that makes it extremely simple to sell pretty much anything on the web. At the point when you sell through Mercari, you just sell shippable things, so there’s no face to face meetups.

Listings on Mercari are free, yet you’ll pay a 10 percent level charge when your thing sells. Likewise, Mercari offers for you to print out a prepaid shipping name for when your thing sells. That implies you’ll need to consider shipping costs when estimating your things on Mercari.

One intriguing thing about Mercari is that when somebody purchases your thing, you have to rate them utilizing the Mercari rating framework. The purchaser likewise needs to rate you once they get your thing. This rating framework can be useful in helping you pick who you work with on Mercari. Furthermore, it helps Mercari guarantee that individuals who are working together on the site are dependable.

Craigslist is a site that helps people sell items they no longer require. The site is simple to use and it’s free to list and sell. What makes it popular among many buyers and sellers is its long history and an easy to use the site. Also, you can find almost anything you want on this site.

However, whatever the reason may be, Craigslist may not be right for everyone. Fortunately, there are alternatives to craigslist. Deciding which alternative is best for you will only be through the process of trial and error. So the next time you wish to sell or buy locally, give one of these platforms a try.

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