What is a Nova Launcher?

The Nova Launcher is, in the simplest terms, a way to design your Android phone’s home screen. With varied preferences of Best Nova Launcher Themes, it comes in different ‘themes’ for you to choose from.

Features of Nova Launcher

Some features of the Best Nova Launcher Themes you should consider are:

  • It is a reliable third-party Launcher for Android devices.
  • The theme of the Launcher optimizes your screen with new features, visuals and controls. These controls are usually not provided by the default Android screens.
  • The Nova Launcher Icon Packs are the best way to customize the look of your screen. All icons created are to be universally identified, and are thus kept simple and easy to comprehend.

Why you should use a Nova Launcher

Other than just aesthetic appeal, Best Nova Launcher Themes enhances your user experience with the device. 

It eases the controlling system for your device along with focusing on only the most important apps for you. Here is why you should have one of the many Nova Launcher themes:

  1. It allows the user (you!) to customise Android
    Using a Nova Launcher gives you the benefit of customising your device’s Android design in any way you want. With the plethora of designs available in packs, any Nova Launcher when used gives a new and inviting look to your screens and app displays.
  2. Swipe Actions and Gesture Customization
    You have the power to define which controls and gestures will do what. A Swipe up Action is usually used to get the app into action. These actions make it easier to simultaneously work on two apps if you have a busy schedule.
  3. Organise App Drawers your Way
    The default way Android provides you all your apps is through an alphabetical order. However, with the amount of apps in your phone, it can get tedious to reach out to that one specific app the end of the list.

With Nova Launchers, one can segregate their app list into tabs or folders. You have the decision of naming your tabs to make it recognizably. A tab can have a specific category of apps (think communication, work, files as some categories).

Best Nova Launcher Themes and Icon Packs

Google Play Store has more than a thousand Nova Launcher Icon Packs, and most of them are free to install and use right away! With the variety in design, feel, theme and a huge collection of wallpapers incorporated with each pack, be ready to make your Android just as unique as you:

Polycon Icon Pack: Vibrant and Engaging (Nova Icon Packs Free)

With more than 1 million people using Polycon, this is one of the best Free Nova Launcher Themes for you to choose.

Polycon Icon Pack: Vibrant and Engaging

Polycon has a plethora of features and options of Best Nova Launcher Themes & icon packs to choose from. This Icon pack resembles to Google’s Iconography yet has a twist of its own. With vibrant display Polycon has definitely cached the eyes of many Android users. 

Some features to not miss out about Polycon are:

  • Polycon has a directory of more than 800 vector icon packs with various options and features.
  • The Folder and App Drawer icons have their own variations.
  • Polycon also provides you with built-in wallpapers to choose from.
  • The theme is cohesive and maintained: The bold and colourful icons match well with the subtle wallpapers.
  • It is free to download through its APK Version.

Although Polycon is no longer available on Google Play Store, you will be able to download it through an APK version of the same.


Candycons: Details and Textures

It’s all in the details when it comes to Candycons. As sweet as a name it sounds, this Icon Pack focuses on colour, texture and resolution of the app icons and wallpapers alike.Candycons: Details and Textures

  • Candycons icons have the detail of textures and gradients, giving you a richer UI experience.
  • This free Nova Launcher for Android has over 1,127 icons and up to 20 wallpapers. 
  • All the icons and wallpapers provided are of high resolution, with quality given in the details of every vector design.
  • Candycons iconography follows the Material Design Palette Pack from Google. Thus, it gels up nicely with Android’s user interface.
  • Candycons, with all its features and controls is completely free.

An updated version of Candycons (Best Nova Launcher Themes) came up in September 2019. Called ‘Candycons Unwrapped’, this version provides even more range of icons to go for. However, unlike Candycons, this costs about $1.49.


H2O: Round and Fluid

With H2O Best Nova Launcher Themes, one can expect grace and minimal aspects together on one screen.Nova-Icon-Pack H2O: Round and Fluid

Taking a similar concept as that of Oxygen, the Operating System for OnePlus, H2O has a variety of features to benefit from:

  • H2O has over 4430 icons in its pack.
  • The icons have a fluid, minimal look because of its roundness and lack of sharp edges.
  • The beautiful combination of colours used in both the icons and the wallpapers makes it a complete picture.
  • H2O is a free icon pack for anyone wanting to give a new wave of colour to their phones.



Delta: Minimal and Subtle

Standing neck-to-neck with Polycons, Delta Icon Pack has been downloaded by over one Best-Nova-Launcher Delta: Minimal and Subtlemillion Android users as well. Its wide range of icons and subtle pastel icons give it a platform of its own.

  • Cohesiveness and beauty is seen through Delta with its pastel shades in icons and wallpapers.
  • It has a gallery of over 2000 icons being supported by over 20 launchers. 
  • Delta is highly adaptive to numerous devices without any hassles. 
  • The icons are still recognizable with its refreshing look.
  • It is a free Nova Icon Pack and can be downloaded through Google Play or APK.


Lines: Monochrome and Effortless

Top-Nova-launcher-Icon-packsLines, as the name suggests, are full of icons and wallpapers created by just outlines of the icons. If you go through an overload of graphics on the daily, then this will be a breath of fresh air for you.

  • With more than 200 wallpapers to choose from, all have a minimal and monochromatic view.
  • 2100 icons in its directory, Lines provide you simple and spacious vector graphics. 
  • Widgets and icons of Lines are similar to Google Material Design, thus making it recognizable.
  • Lines is a free Nova Launcher Icon Pack and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.


Viral: Dark Pastel

Best Nova Launcher Themes and Icon Packs Viral: Dark PastelIf you are an avid believer in keeping everything dark when it comes to technology, Viral Icon Pack is made just for you.

  • It is known to users for its stylish dark theme, a quality material-design app.
  • Viral icons work perfectly with any black or dark wallpaper.
  • HD level of quality is available in its vector icons, all encompassed in a pastel dark theme.
  • With over 200 wallpapers and 4148 icons coming with Viral, your search for beauty within screen ends here.
  • With its ‘Dynamic Calendar’ Feature, the icons are kept recognizable yet change in design, keeping you away from being bored with the monotonous screens.
  • It is free for every Android User and is available as an app on Google Play Store.


Glim and Glim Dark: Straightforward and Fuss-free

Glim best Nova launcher icon packsIf you are one of the artsy types of people, Glim offers you a range of 2D shadowed icons. With a glimpse of dark aesthetic over every aspect of this Nova Launcher, it is one of the favourites so far.

  • The icons portray a soft, translucent shadow, thus giving it a dynamic look.
  • Glim blends well with any dark or monochrome wallpaper.
  • Rich in colour, it has minimal to no animation, providing ease of access and simple control.
  • For the people who wish to keep it straightforward, Glim works perfectly in maintaining the design to-the-point.
  • For the ones who love Glim, it also offers ‘Glim Dark’ which is a perfect balance of black and white wallpapers with coloured icons.


Retro: Back to the Classics

Retro: Back to the ClassicsAre you a believer in the classics and going for the vintage look? Retro Nova Launcher Icon Pack comes with a yellow vintage-y theme for you to revamp your android experience. 

  • The icons and wallpapers have a muted colour palette, a trademark of creating classic.
  • With 1,150 icons and over 70 wallpapers, you can choose your own retro aesthetic.
  • The icons have almost a similar design to its original counterpart. Thus, the interface feels familiar yet refreshed.
  • This is a Free to download Icon Pack and can be found on Google Play for all Android users.


Whiscons: White-wise

Whiscons: White-wiseWhiscons is a similar Icon Pack to Lines. However, Whiscons does come with all-white icons without any visible outlines, thus maintaining a clean design.

  • Whiscons has a collection of over 5555 icons, all in a high quality vector, unicolor design.
  • Wallpapers accompanying the icons create a complete picture; however, almost any wallpaper of your choice will work with Whiscons.
  • It has connectivity with over 24500 apps. Thus, users have many options of icons to choose from for one app itself.
  • It is available as a Free Nova Launcher icon pack on Google Play Store.

Dark Matter: Cartoon Styled Aesthetic

Dark Matter: Cartoon Styled AestheticUnlike the name of this Best Nova Launcher Themes & Icon Pack, Dark Matter I far from being ‘dark’. If you like flat-styled images and simple colours, then Dark Matter will be a good choice for your apps icons. 

  • The flat-style colouring along with black outlines given to each icon gives the whole pack a cartoon-styled theme.
  • The radiant colours of the icons distinguish each app from the other. 
  • The colours of the app are similar to the original icon of the app. Thus, it retains the similarity and recollection value of the apps.
  • Icons of Dark Matter always end up standing out with any background because of its outlines. Thus, you are free to be creative with your wallpaper choices with this Nova Launcher.

Although Dark Matter is not free, yet it comes with a small price of $3.89 only on the Google Pay Store for all Android users.

Voxel: Square and Sophisticated

Been ‘straightforward and square’ all your life? Then this square-y themed Launcher will Voxel: Square and Sophisticatedgive your phone a similar personality. 

  • This Best Nova Launcher Themes & icon pack has over 4,850 icons to choose from.
  • Voxel has 20 in-built wallpapers of Voxel blend impeccably with the flat icons
  • The square shapes of the icons, irrespective of what the original design looks like, gives you an engaging screen experience.
  • The innocent design of the icon pack makes it stand out from other icon packs.
  • The icons do come with long protruding shadows, giving it a 3-dimensional look as well.
  • It is available on Google Play Store as a free Nova Launcher Icon Pack.


Fluxo: Grey and CleanFluxo: Grey and Clean

Encompassing its vector Best Nova Launcher Themes & Icon pack in individual translucent grey circles, Fluxo is another great option for the ones who love minimal and clean design.

  • The icons give a minimal cartoon look with its outlines and details. 
  • Having a soft shadow with each icon, it provides a three dimensional appearance.
  • Along with this, 20 high quality wallpapers come in-built in this free vector pack.
  • Fluxo is available as a free nova launcher icon pack on Google Play Store and also as an APK.


Minma: Hand-Drawn Simplicity

Minma: Hand-Drawn SimplicityA fairly new amongst the many Best Nova Launcher Themes, Minma has all hand drawn vector packs.

  • It maintains a darker wallpaper and background with vibrancy in design and icons, creating a perfect contrast between the two.
  • With about 700 apps and counting, Minma takes up your queries and requests, creating new icons and designs with every update.
  • Bold and solid colours highlight the most important aspects of an app icon, thus making it recognizable without altering it too much.
  • Users can drop in a request of up to 10 apps with each update. 
  • It is free to download from the Google Play Store.


PixBit: Pixelated PioneerPixBit: Pixelated Pioneer

If you are a fan of the games back in the 90’s, then this is the icon pack you need to get to give your Android a complete makeover!

  • The 8-bit inspired design of this pack includes wallpapers of the same design to enhance your experience.
  • Having resemblance to the Google Pixel Look, it incorporates images and icons in many small squares, yet having a subtle shadow and depth to it as well.
  • With over 2000 icon packs, it has a high quality 8-bit referenced design for each app.
  • Although it costs about $4.89, it is worth considering as an investment for your device


Nova Launchers, here to revamp your Device

With these 15 Icon Packs and many more to opt for, Best Nova Launcher Themes & Icon Packs never fail to give your Android a new avatar. Coming with new features with every update, you will never be tired of looking at the same old design of your Android device.