Hackers use multiple Programming Languages For Hacking – they use different coding dialects for different projects. So then, what are the important programming languages for hacking?

We have already discussed top operating systems for hackers, and here we are today to give you some insight on important programming languages used by hackers for ethical hacking.

A hacker is someone who defies a system protocol which is programmed by a certain programming language. Hence, coding is essential for hacking. If one wants to become a hacker they must learn a couple of programming languages in order to understand the working of machines and applications.

So here is a list of important programming languages that you should check out.


This is the first one you should try learning as a beginner. As they say, always begin with the basics. HTML is the foundation of the internet and must be known very well by an ethical hacker to understand the process of the web. Learning this language is not that tough.


This language is mostly used for web development and is also the best for hacking web applications. One can say, it is the best programming language for hackers and security experts who are looking to develop cross-site scripting hacking programs.

Learning this language should be a priority since understanding it can help you locate web app flaws.


This is a database programming language that is used to fetch information from databases. All websites and web apps use databases to store data like login credentials. It can be called the most sensitive part of the web. So a hacker should learn SQL to communicate with databases and to develop hacking programs based on SQL injection.


This is the most popular dynamic programming language, used mainly by websites that are built upon popular CMS like WordPress. So having a hand at PHP will help you fetch vulnerabilities in such networks and even take down a personal website or blog. This language is used mainly for developing server hacking programs.


If you are looking to hack into compromised old machines, then this language is for you. Many old systems still use this language. It is very widely used for active web pages and system administration. If you want to manipulate text files on UNIX systems and integrate with popular web databases, this is the language you should learn.

Programming Languages For Writing Exploits

This is an advanced part of hacking that requires a higher level of knowledge. A professional hacker must know to exploit writing.

This can be called the mother of all programming languages, for it is the most important programming language used in creation for Linux and Windows. Learning this language will assist and ethical hacker in understanding the process of these systems.

It is the best programming language for exploit writing and development. Its low-level nature is beneficial for security experts to develop hacking programs that access and manipulate system hardware.


This is one of the best programming languages for hacking software and required as per activation. Like C, C++ also gives access to the system and helps analyse the machine code and also bypass such activation schemes. Adding to that, quite a lot of modern hacking programs are built on C++.


Python is the easiest language to learn, unlike any other programming language listed here. It is also the most used language for exploit writing for it is the easiest programming language to write automation scripts. This is because of the pre-built libraries with quite a lot of powerful functions.

Also, the “run without compilation” nature of Python makes it is an essential programming language for hackers to take down web servers. So if you are into learning exploit writing you should learn python.


Ruby is an object-oriented programming language that is used in web development. It is quite useful in exploit writing. It is used for meterpreter scripting. Metasploit Framework itself is programmed in Ruby.


Java is the most used programming language in the coding community. Originally released with the slogan “write once, run anywhere,” The language was intended to underscore its cross-platform capabilities. This is why this language is the perfect programming language for hacking PC web servers and mobile devices.

It can be used to make tools and to create backdoor exploits. You can also make exploits that can kill a computer. Once your hacking programs are written with this language, you can run them on any platform that supports it.


This is the second-oldest high-level programming language that is used widely today. It is quite flexible and totally machine independent which makes it a hackers favourite. You are allowed to define your own syntax and create any programming paradigm you like and include it in your programs. 

Programming Languages For Reverse Engineering

Also known as bank engineering, it is the process of extracting information from anything man-made and reproducing it. It is very beneficial in crime prevention, where suspected malware can be reverse-engineered in order to understand what it does and how to detect and remove it.

Assembly Language 

Although a low-level programming language, assembly is very complicated. Machine hardware or software can be instructed using this language. In case you want to learn reverse engineering, this is the language you just need to learn.

The programming language that you use for hacking also depends on what program you want to hack. for example; if a web-app in coded in ASP.NET then it can’t be hacked using PHP knowledge. Therefore always make sure you know which programming language the app is quoted in.

Hacking is a scale and only well-trained individuals can become better security experts. Hence in order to do that learn these programming languages to their core and train your abilities.