There are a lot of ways to listen to music these days like streaming it online, downloading and listening to them offline, on the radio, playing the vinyl, and so on. When managing the tracklist or deciding what to play is getting in the way of cooking or working out, you always have the option of turning on the radio. If your smartphone comes with a built-in FM app, then it will only be able to play local FM stations. However, there are radio apps with which you can listen to a vast number of radio stations worldwide.

Although the radio used to be more popular in the old days, it is still considered a great way to discover new music. We have curated a list of radio apps for Android devices.

Best Radio Apps For Android

  1. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio has a vast collection of radio stations with more than 100,000 radio stations and over a million. It offers not only music but also news, sports, comedy programs, etc. 

If you are paying for a subscription, then you can stream live NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA with no ads in between. 

It comes with a car model that will switch the interface, so it is more feasible to use while you’re driving. TuneIn Radio supports Android Wear, Chromecast, Android Auto, and Android TV too.

  1. Radio Player from Audials

Audials claims to be one of the most powerful radio apps for Android devices. It features over 50,000 radio stations and more than 100 podcasts. 

It has an additional feature that lets you record a station while it is playing and save it to your phone. By default, the app also comes with audio/video player, equalizer, sleep timer, car mode, etc.

You can move all your music library from the cloud to your SD card. It supports Chromecast as well. It is free to use and has in-app purchases.

  1. Radio Online – PCRADIO

PCRADIO is a great app because it doesn’t require a strong internet connection to work. The app is easy to use with well-sorted radio stations based on genres. Hundreds of radio stations are present. You can save the radio stations you like for later.

PCRADIO comes with an equalizer by default and sleep timer too. It is free to use and comes with in-app purchases and ads.

Radio Online - PCRADIO
Radio Online - PCRADIO
Developer: PCRADIO
Price: Free+

Radio App For Android


  1. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is a free broadcast, podcast, and streaming radio platform owned by iHeartMedia, Inc., like any other music/radio app, it lets you stream thousands of songs and podcasts.

You can dislike stations that you don’t like. It offers playlists centered around mood, genre, seasonal activities. It supports Android wear and Chromecast as well.

iHearRadio is freely available in the play store and contains ads. You can buy a monthly subscription to remove ads and get additional features.

Heart Radio App
Heart Radio App
  1. AccuRadio

With over 1000 customizable radio channels, AccuRadio is on the road to becoming one of the best free radio apps on the play store. Every imaginable genre is offered on AccuRadio.

You will need an account to use the app. You are allowed to blacklist the songs that you don’t like so that they don’t appear in your queue. You can even mark certain radio stations as your favorites.

You can always check the history tab to see which station you were listening to. The apps are freely available in the play store and contain ads with no in-app purchases.

Developer: AccuRadio
Price: Free
  1. Simple Radio

It is easy to use AM/FM app. It features over 40,000 radio stations worldwide. You can save your favorite radio stations, and it has a recommendation system too. You can search by genre or the name of the radio station.

It features a clean and minimal interface. It doesn’t have a lot of features but works just fine. There are a few ads and in-app purchases.

  1. Pandora Music

Pandora is on the verge of becoming the next best radio app for Android. However, it only works in the US and could be a possible replacement for TuneIn radio.

You can create your radio stations. You can search by genre, name, song, artist, etc. you can like songs and save them later. It features a robust recommendation system with support for Android Wear. The free version has many ads, but you can get the premium version if you want to avoid them and enjoy ad-free music without any interruption.

Radio App For Android

  1. myTuner Radio

Price: free

It has a collection of 50,000 radio stations over 200 countries. It even supports podcasts along with regular radio. myTuner Radio has additional features like a sleep timer and alarm. It supports Android Auto, Sonos, and other streaming sticks. This is available for free in the play store.

  1. SiriusXM

Price: Free app / $10.99-$19.99 per month

It is similar to old school FM and AM. Offers more than 150 channels, including The Howard Stern show. Based on the content you choose to listen to, there are three kinds of subscription plans. It gets frequent updates, but the experience isn’t so smooth. It is built into plenty of modem cars, so it can be considered a cross-platform application.

Free sxm Radio
Free sxm Radio
Developer: onlinetvnn
Price: Free
  1. XiliaLive Internet Radio

Price: Free

Xiialive internet radio is not as famous as other radio apps. It still packs a lot of features. Provides over 50,000 live radio stations. You can even save your favorite stations for later. Other features include themes, data management, and even add your radio station and an equalizer too. The services are free to use with some in-app purchases.