Continuous, flawless, and timely communication flow is the key to every successful business or organization. Good old fashioned means of communication like SMS and emails lack the quick response time which is required by companies these days. Cross-platform chat clients bridge this gap while maintaining professional etiquette.

Hence, a project Team Chat Software should come fully equipped with the required platforms to flawlessly communicate with the team members. More importantly, there should be a place for everyone in the organization to ideate, evaluate continuously, and review each other’s work. 

To meet such preconditions, we have listed out the best cross-platform team chat applications that facilitate timely communication and ensure success to the team.


cross platform voice Team Chat Software


Telegram is an instant messaging app established in the cloud. It also includes a VO/IP service. Telegram has mobile and desktop clients available for the following platforms – Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and GNU/Linux. Telegram gives the users ability to send texts, photos, documents, videos, stickers, and audio. There is a feature to facilitate group chats as well.

One of the most crucial features that Telegram provides is an auto backup of your chats so that you don’t have to do them every time manually. What makes Telegram one of the best cross-platform chat apps is that it is entirely free and gives the users support for ten scheduled messages for three users with two recurrences with a maximum lag of 5 minutes.


slack cross platform voice chat


Slack is one of the best cross-platform communication apps used by professionals. It comes with a clean and minimal user interface. It lets you chat one on one with your team with ease, and the slack bot allows you to set reminders, sync with voice assistants like Alexa and Siri, and customize commands to your liking. Productivity suits and business personalizations can be done according to your requirements.

This app has no ads and also no ads to limit users. However, the subscribed plans provide support for a better experience with advanced options and extended storage capacity.


Discord cross platform chat apps

cross platform chat apps

Discord has got to be the best choice for cross-platform voice, video, and text platform for gamers. It is a server-based platform with an extensively thought of chat room and a built-in streamer mode. With features like this, it stands tall along with typical video call platforms like Skype.

Discord might not be as professional, but it promises to get the job done. All you need to do is create an account and join any public server or create your server and invite people in.

Discord allows you to create separate text channels for different topics so that there is no confusion. This application is available for Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux.


Riot provides an exceedingly versatile chat app. It houses all the necessary features that make it a great cross-platform chat client. Riot even lets you text with users that use other chat software.

Users can even share all kinds of file types on it. You can text, voice call, or video call just like on any other messaging application. It is incredibly secure, as all your chats are encrypted.

Riot is built on Matrix and open-source. It even allows you to host your own server. Finally, it lets you access your data from any device with ease if you keep all your devices in sync.


cross platform chat application


The signal is a great instant messaging app that makes it feasible for users to communicate anytime, anywhere, with zero latency and the best alternative to WhatsApp if you are looking for privacy. 

HD (high definition) video and audio call features have also been integrated into this application. It has all the necessary elements, which makes it a tremendous cross-platform chat software.

All your chats are encrypted, which makes it so much more secure than most other chat apps. Your messages will never be tracked. It even lets you update your address book and mobile numbers of your team members.


Cross-platform chat software offers a fantastic, secure, and quick way to establish communication channels by professionals and regular users without a doubt. In this ever-changing economy, society demands a quick way to communicate with each other to make sure things get going the way they are supposed to. If you want to elevate your team’s communication game, we recommend you give these applications a try.

Though emails are the go-to choice to converse professionally, they take quite some effort to establish a channel like this. Cross-platform chat software, on the other hand, makes it way more accessible for everyone to communicate with ease quickly.