In recent times dark mode has made a resurgence in popularity on the internet. Everyone demands to have a dark theme no matter which app they’re using or which platform they are on. The dark mode is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS too. Linux users particularly love the dark theme as they have been using for quite some time now.

Because the dark mode is in high demand, developers are catching up to the user’s needs and updating the apps regularly to make for a better dark mode experience. WhatsApp recently started rolling out dark Black Theme In Whatsapp within test groups on it’s Android and iOS apps. There is a way to enable dark mode even if you’re using WhatsApp web. 

WhatsApp has been hesitant to embrace the dark theme for some time now, while other platforms like Skype and Telegram have been quick to adopt it. I hear news all the time about the dark mode in WhatsApp Beta because it is still in the testing phase.

Meanwhile, you can have a dark mode on WhatsApp web before it reaches your smartphone. This is possible through browser extensions that add their lines of code to change WhatsApp web’s appearance.


We already have an idea about extensions like Stylus because we use them to theme websites like Facebook. But today’s discussion involves an extension named Stylus, which isn’t restricted to any one particular site. The themes as well are not only limited to dark mode. They include a wide range of colors. For example, if you don’t like WhatsApp in green, you can replace that with another color too.


  • Wide range of theme installation options.
  • Support from popular online repos.
  • Styles can be installed from .user.css or .user.styl URLs
  • Backup of your database containing installed styles are present, which works with many other user styles managing applications.
  • Automatic update functionality for pre-installed styles.
  • You can personalize a UI to your liking, including optional layouts, icon and badge colors, along with a lot of other small things.
  • Two code validators are available whose rules are configurable to users.

The stylus is available on the web stores of respective browsers.

Install Dark Black Theme In Whatsapp web

  1. Open WhatsApp web after you have installed the stylus extension.
  2. Click on the Stylus extension icon.
  3. Find the link that says, “Find more themes” in the popup.

dark Black Theme In Whatsapp

4. The dark theme should be visible at the top among a lot of other themes

5. Click on the theme you like, and it will be installed.

whatsapp web dark theme

Try reloading if the changes are not instant. The stylus works with a lot of websites. If you wish to edit the current theme, then click on the extension icon, then click on the pencil icon. After the new page opens up, click on customize settings that allow you to complete control over how the theme looks.

dark theme for whatsapp web

Bonus – Global Dark Theme On The Web Including WhatsApp Web

If all you want is an excellent black theme on WhatsApp, then you can achieve that with an extension like Dark Mode. Dark Mode also works with a lot of popular websites.

Unsupported websites are obviously themed poorly than other sites. Luckily, nearly all popular sites have been themed nicely. The extension inverts the background color of the site. This means that is a website comes with dark mode by default. Then you better turn off the extension.

You can learn more and even download Dark Mode by clicking the link above.