Instagram is one of the biggest social media giants. However, you can Delete Instagram Account and also not everybody is fond of Instagram. While some people consider the time spent on the app wasted and regret it, others have had bad experiences due to inappropriate behaviour from other users. Others just become bored with spending hours on the app and find better things to do.

After the news broke out about the password leak, Instagram announced that the issue had been quickly resolved and that only a few users had been at risk. However, there are a number of other ways the application threatens your privacy. One example is Instagram’s default setting that automatically tracks your location unless you turn it off manually.

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This information is utilized to show you ads comparative with the area where you invest a lot of your time. Also, Instagram shares your in-application activities –, for example, likes, comments, and so forth – with different clients.

in mid-2018 there was an update to the DM service that came out. The ‘seen’ notice or the typing bubble that made clients furious, and also the status activity notice.

Users could see when others were active, and even the last time they were active. This element is a default setting but can be changed in the settings. There are 2 choices- leave your Instagram account, leaving your social friends and followers in confusion, or close your account down in a more organized way, either temporarily or permanently Delete Instagram Account.

Should Your Delete or Deactivate Your Instagram Account?

In case you have had enough of Instagram and all the time you spend planning posts and viewing those made by others, your most solid option might be to deactivate your account. Deactivation implies that you just put the account on break. It despite everything sits on the Instagram servers, sitting tight for you to one day return and breathe life into it back.

The benefit of deactivating your record, instead of erasing it, is that you have a chance to return at some phase, later on. many furious Instagrammers have proclaimed that they have had enough of Instagram and erased their account, just to return, later on, starting another account with no leftover of their old online personality.

On the off chance that you have faced cyberbullying or sincerely trust, you will stay away from Instagram, you may feel enticed to permanently delete all hints of your account, in any case.

Deactivating vs Deleting: What You Need to Know

You can deactivate or forever delete your Instagram account, depending upon your inclination.

Deactivating your Instagram account is a temporary action, however, while it is deactivated, your account, alongside your profile, followers, photos, and comments will be hidden. To restore all of this data and begin utilizing Instagram typically once more, basically log over into your account.

Deleting your Instagram account can’t be fixed – an erased account can’t be restored. when you erase your Instagram account, all of your information will be erased. Later on, on the off chance that you decide to join Instagram once more, you won’t have the option to utilize the same username once more, nor will any other person.

Deactivating an Instagram Account

If you want a break from the social media platform, you can deactivate your account by following these steps:

  1. On the Instagram website, log in to your account. Then click on the icon resembling a person to go to your profile page.
  2. Select ‘Edit Profile’, at the bottom of the page, and click ‘Temporarily disable my account’.
    how to deactivate instagram account on android
  3. You will be asked the question ‘Why are you disabling your account?’, select a reason from the drop-down menu.
  4. You will be asked to re-enter your password. Do it and select ‘Temporarily disable account’.
  5. Your account is now deactivated and it will be hidden from other users. It shall stay deactivated until you log in again.

NOTE:  You have the option of deactivating your Instagram account once a week as per Instagram’s usage policy.

Make sure to either remember your Instagram username and password or save it somewhere secure, so that you can rejoin in the future.

How to Delete Instagram Account

Similar to deactivating, you can delete an Instagram account only through a web browser. To delete your Instagram account, follow these simple steps:

Recall that if you decide to Delete Instagram Account forever, you will lose the entirety of your Instagram online assets – your profile, photographs, recordings, preferences, remarks, and your followers. When that delete button is clicked, it is unrecoverable.

Anyway, you should make sure that you have duplicated all of your photographs and recordings somewhere else, as you won’t have the option to recover them from here in the event that you commit an error. We include guidelines for how you can get Instagram to send you a download of all of your information close to the end of this post.

The account cannot be deleted from the app, so you will have to log into your Instagram account from a web browser.

  1. Log in to your account on the Instagram website.
    how to delete second instagram account
  2. Go to Instagram’s ‘Delete Your Account’ page. Select from the drop-down menu your reason for leaving.
    how to close an instagram account
  3. click ‘Permanently delete my account’ after entering your password.
    how to delete an instagram account on android
  4. You have now deleted your Instagram account.
    how to delete an instagram account on an iphone

Downloading Your Instagram Data

You lose all your data once you delete your account, and cannot retrieve it no matter what. So you may want to download your Instagram data before deleting your account. To download a copy of your Instagram data:

  1. Go to the ‘Settings‘ (gear icon) of your profile.
  2. Click on the ‘Privacy & Security’ tab and click ‘Request Download’.
  3. Enter the email address where you want a link to your Instagram data, and then enter your password.
  4. you should receive an email with a link to your data within 48 hours, titled ‘Your Instagram Data’. Click ‘Download Data’.

How to Reactivate Your Instagram Account

It may happen that you change your mind about not using the social media platform. If you only deactivated your account, there’s good news. You can reactivate it and continue from where you left by simply logging in. as soon as you log in, you will be asked if you want to reactivate your account. Select that choice, and you have successfully reactivated your account.

How to Download Your Instagram Pictures and Account Details

You should first download all of your data if your intention is to delete Instagram account. You have to pitch in a request to achieve this.

Begin by going to your profile and clicking the Settings rotary wheel icon, when using Instagram on the web. Then click on “Privacy and Security.” Scroll down to select “Data Download” and click “Request Download.”

Instagram will then prompt you to enter your email address and your Instagram password. enter the email address where you wish to receive your data. In time, Instagram will send you an email with a link to your data. Click “Download Data” and follow any instructions.

The process is very similar if you were to use a mobile app. This time, you first have to click the “hamburger” menu before you can tap on the Settings icon. Then select “Security” -“Download Data.”

The process is the same from here. Instagram notifies that it may take them up to 48 hours before they send the email with your download link.