The Google News app supports around 41 different languages, you can Enable Bilingual Feature. By selecting any of these languages, curated news based on that language appears. But now Google has added a Bilingual feature in the News app. Wondering what this Google News Bilingual feature is? Bilingual, in a general sense, means having or using two languages.

This feature enables the News app to show current happenings, on both the preferred/ selected languages, concurrently. The news feed will get news based on both the selected languages at the same time. Steps for enabling the Google News’ Bilingual feature are brought out below.

Steps to Enable Bilingual Feature in Google News

google news languages and regions

For the News app to show two different languages simultaneously, the latest version of the Google News app needs to be downloaded from the Play Store. Once installed, follow these tips and instructions given below to enable the Google News’ Bilingual feature.

  1. Open the News app on your Android device and tap on your avatar present at the top right.
  2. Select Settings from the menu.
  3. In the General tab, go to Languages and regions of interest.
google news languages

google news languages

4.Tap on Add a language and region.

5. Scroll or search for your preferred language. Once you make your decision, you will see a notification regarding the same. If you get any issues with notifications on your Android device, you can fix it using our tips.

It may be noted that the recently added language will occupy the second position by default, allowing you to see less of the news in this language than the primary one (system language). To make the second language as the primary one, tap on the three vertical dots and select Make primary.

google news app multiple languages

To delete any one of the languages, take the help of the overflow menu and select the Remove option. 

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