Going by the next-generation OLED products shown off by Samsung Display at the 2021 SID Display Week, the future of smartphones could be foldable, rollable and could even flex.

A long list of industry heavyweights, including Samsung’s rival LG Display, JDI Display, BOE, TCL, AU Optronics, Tianma, among others are included in the virtual event, organized by Society for Information Display (SID).

A division of Samsung Electronics is Samsung Display. The first mass-produced foldable display for smartphones which was used in the Samsung Galaxy Foldable was rolled out by it, launched in 2019.

Here are the foldable display concepts showcased by Samsung

Rise to a new range of form factors could be given by Samsung’s foldable display concepts.

17-inch foldable device.

With a huge 17-inch display that could replace tablets, you could essentially have a foldable phone. And in some cases, even laptops.

It’s probably because of the ill-fated Microsoft Surface Neo concept if this seems like something you have already seen. The solution of Samsung is just bigger.

Samsung Display


To the traditional foldable phones that are available in the market today, this is much closer – like the Galaxy Z Fold 2. However, making it more compact than the current phones, Samsung has slightly tweaked the design that allows you to fold the display two times.

Slidable phones too could be a reality one day

How amazing will it be if you can simply pull out an additional display from under your existing one? And then it can act as an extended screen? This is how Samsung’s slidable display concept appears.
While maintaining a minimal footprint, it’s essentially like pulling out a drawer extension so you have more space to work with.

Under display camera

Lastly, Samsung, with a camera that can be hidden under the screen also has shown off a concept display. For both phones as well as laptops, this concept works. But it remains to be seen how it affects the image quality.
It is worth noting that these may not necessarily end up being manufactured and are just concepts. However, this indicates that Samsung is proceeding to work in this path, and some of this may finally end up being utilized in a future smartphone.