The way news reaches two people has been completely reshaped by News App For Android that keep us informed these days. Now, news outlets need not worry about advertisers consent. A lot of these apps are available for free and are preferred by people because of the different news angles and timeliness. Apart from that these apps save us some time that we would otherwise spend on tracking news.

So here are some of the best news apps for android.

Google News

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Formerly known as play newsstand, this app uses its AI techniques to provide relevant content to users.

You can see the top headlines and news developments in the “For you” tab. These headlines are both important and relevant to the user. The news list is personalised according to your activity on Google platforms. If you want to view the same news story reported by different publishers that highlight all the perspectives to a story, it is available in the section called “Full coverage”.

However, Google’s approach to delivering news sometimes makes it Very difficult to unfollow certain news sources.

Why use Google News?

  • It’s a Smart android news app that is powered by AI technology
  • You get full coverage on every story
  • The content is personalised
  • Advertisement free

Microsoft News

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This app is also one of the best, with a smooth experience, and a layout that helps you navigate through the app effortlessly. In case you sign up with the Microsoft account, you get personalised news that is automatically synced to other platforms. It is also synced to the internet edge news feed section. You can choose different countries to view their news developments. Just beware of the sponsored ads. Because of the layout, it becomes a little difficult to differentiate between a news article and I sponsored one.

Why use Microsoft?

  • Synchronisation of news
  • There is a Night mode in the app
  • Efficient layout design with smooth transitions

BBC News

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When it comes to unbiased news, the BBC news channel is the most trusted channel. This is why the channel’s app is also the best unbiased news app that you can get for android.

In the android app, you can see the latest reports from every country. You get different layout options for the news feed section and even a live streaming news channel within the app. Also, it gives you control over what data you share through the app. You can turn off the option of sharing statistics if you don’t want personalised results. Honestly, the only drawback that we can think of is the UX design that lacks smoothness.

Why use BBC news?

  • Unbiased news
  • Different layout options
  • Permission is needed to use your data


In case you’re the type of person that prefers news with a little bit of entertainment, then Reddit is the best news app to have. It is a combination of news aggregators and social media. You can choose to subscribe to specific topics and make subreddits. Content can also be sorted out based on popularity, newness, controversy, et cetera. Enthusiasts can also join communities. The platform is known for having the most engaging community that features a chat option too. 

The app provides some really good content on the internet, however, it is not something that you would expect from a newspaper app in terms of its structure and functionality. The app is available for free and offers features like different themes and a night mode.

Why use Reddit?

  • Trending content
  • You can post and discuss the content
  • You can create your own feed


free news app for android

This is one of the most underrated news platforms on the Google play store. In terms of layout, it is similar to Flipboard. The only thing is that it appears less cluttered. One of the greatest features of this app is that you are allowed to Categorise feeds into separate folders with separate themes. Essentially, you can build your own news feed. There are a Night mode and an option to save webpages to view later.

There is also a pro version of the app. In this version you get additional features like offline reading, push notifications, article translations, and much more.

Why use Inoreader?

  • Simple design
  • Option to categorise feeds


best news app for android

It is an Indian start-up, but with its unique concept, it is preparing to go head-to-head with other top android news apps. Basically, that summarises news in less than 60 words. The news is objective and non-sensationalised, as it should be. You can view news based on your preferences in a tab called MyFeed. 

Talking about the layout, the app follows a flashcard layout. The original article can be accessed by swiping left.

One problem with this app is that it is becoming a tool for advertisers and sponsors to put their content out into the world.

Why use InShorts?

  • Summary in 60 words
  • Indian audience in focus
  • The layout offers one story at a time
  • Size of the application is small

News Break

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This is also one of the most popular news apps for android on the play store. This app bases its entire newsfeed around your interests. There are several tabs that deliver personalised news based on your preferences. Other features include a quick view and a night mode. The app has a fairly simple interface, which makes it easy to share content on social media platforms. It also has a feature where it can present small bits of news on your very own lock screen. The app features mostly global news, which is a bit limiting since it misses out on much country-specific news.

Why use News Break?

  • News on the lock screen
  • Night mode
  • Well-organized


This is another free news app for android users in India. With the Google play store rating of 4.6, the app has been awarded the must-have title by Google. The concept of the app is quite interesting. It presents a story in the 5W1H framework. Each time the user swipe to the left, they get the story in the form of questions and answers.

In case you are someone who has recently started to learn English or has difficulty comprehending long articles, then this app is for you.

Why use Knappily?

  • Unique concept
  • Good for people who are learning the language
  • Offers offline mode


best news apps for android

If you only trust particular news sources and do not prefer news from shallow brands, then this app is appropriate for you. With this app, you can customise the application based on your preferences of the best new site. You can subscribe to any new source by just copying the link. The android app updates its content quite quickly.

The only downside is that the user has to do all the hard work, although the app does suggest some sources.

Why use Feedly?

  • Make your own news feed 
  • Quick refresh with multiple layouts
  • Support RSS links


best free news apps for android

This is the app that is unbeatable when it comes to style and aesthetics among the android news apps. The layout is inspired by printed pages and makes news reading interesting. The app is easy to navigate and also analyses the news you often visit.

The fact that one cannot get rid of similar new stories is one of the major drawbacks.

Why use Flipboard?

  • Great magazine-like interface
  • You can follow your friends’ activities
  • Your news feed is customised to your interests


best news reader android

It is an e-book service that has expanded into reporting news through the latest magazines. The articles may not be new, but they sure are interesting. However, a minimal subscription fee is required. Apart from that, the platform provides amazing choices of e-books and audiobooks.

Why use Scribd?

  • interesting news and trends
  • Renowned e-books and audiobook source


good news apps for android

This app is for those who are looking for a little more uniqueness and innovation in a News app. The platform does not offer content, instead, it saves sites and webpages that you go through throughout your day. This is so that you can save stories that you did not have the time to read at the moment and come back and read them later when you have some more time. The app also features offline support and is great for content saving. Users can also sign up for the subscription, with features like unlimited storage, text to speech article reading, and more features for PC.

News Apps For Android From Specific News Outlets

In addition to the above-mentioned apps, there are a few more that offer content from a specific news source. For example, the Times of India is often considered the best news app in India. Other examples would be Fox News, CNN breaking news, etc.