After five long years, the much-awaited makeover of the Gmail For Web interface is finally here. Not only has the look been redesigned, but several new functions have been added. However, you have to opt-in for the new Gmail layout to see the features. 

So why not have a look at the best and the most useful features of the new Gmail web interface.

10 Best New Gmail Features for Web

  1. Snooze Mails

Now you can snooze your emails and make them disappear for a while. You just need to select the snooze option and have the mail read delivered to you at a suitable date and time. This feature saves you time and also the regret of not replying.

  1. Smart Reply

This new feature suggests quick answers that you may send just by clicking on them. This saves you the effort of typing a message since all you need to do is select a quick answer while confirming or acknowledging a mail.

  1. Sidebar with multiple apps

There’s a new sidebar on the right-hand side. There are tiny icons that you can tap on to pull up your Google calendar, add important notes in keep, assign tasks, or access other Gmail add-ons.

Gmail For Web Features

  1. Clickable attachments

This new feature displays the attachments in your mail is in line so you can open them without actually opening the mail. It is a very useful feature when you are sure that the only important thing in the email is the attachment.

  1. Unsubscribing unwanted emails

The new assistive unsubscribe tool learns which emails you check regularly and which ones you don’t. Based on this, the new feature will recommend unsubscribing such emails with a quick option on your display.

  1. Inline buttons

Four inline action buttons now pop up on the messages that allow you to take quick actions for individual mail with a single:

  • Archive
  • Delete
  • Mark, it read or unread
  • Snooze it

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  1. Risk warnings

  • Google has also upped its security by adding the ability to detect potentially harmful emails. Now, a Risk warning text is displayed, and the option to delete the mail is offered. This is extremely helpful in preventing you from clicking on malicious links.
  1. Confidential mode

  • This one is probably the best new feature that allows you to send self-destructing emails. You get to pick an expiration date post which the mail and its attachments will no longer be available. Messages sent in confidential mode cannot be forwarded, copied or downloaded. There is also an option to secure the mail by a password.
  1. Nudging

  • Sometimes we think that we have replied to any mail when in reality we haven’t. The new Gmail update has a notch feature that reminds you to follow up and respond to emails that you have not replied to.
  1. Offline mode

  • For mails up to 90 days, you are allowed to search, right, Delete, and archive them and even work on them easily even if you don’t have an internet connection.