The ‘personalized experience’ of Google Search engine becomes annoying as we get tracked by Google on the internet, causing tailored content and ads targeting us. There are many search engines other than Google that offer more privacy and useful features. A list of 12 best Search Engine Alternatives to Google are listed and discussed below. 

  • Bing
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Ecosia
  • Yahoo!
  • Qwant
  • Swisscows
  • Search Encrypt
  • StartPage
  • SearX
  • Yandex
  • Gibiru
  • Disconnect


Microsoft’s Bing is the second most popular search engine and is more of a visual search engine that offers different tools to users for a better experience.

Yahoo! Search provides search results on this alternative search engine, and its homepage has an ever-changing background displaying beautiful pictures of animals, places, sports, people, etc. For video search, it presents a grid of large thumbnails that offers a preview if you hover over them and play it on the same page with a single click.

Like Google, Bing also features ads and abilities like conversion, translation, spell check, sports score, flight tracking, etc. Bing also has mobile apps on Android and iOS and ranks as one of the best Google alternatives.


DuckDuckGo is the best alternative to Google if online privacy is of importance. This is the reason for its quick popularity. The website never tracks you or your online activities. Therefore, there are no ads following you.

It has a clean interface and brings the search results from Yahoo, Yandex, and other search engines, besides Google. DuckDuckGo’s extension can be added to your browser to keep your activities private. In addition to all the standard features of a search engine like Google, there is one cool feature called “bangs” worth mentioning.

It allows direct searching on other sites such as Amazon, Wikipedia, or Youtube, starting the query with an exclamation mark! (e.g. !a, !w, !Facebook)

Why Use DuckDuckGo?

  • Best Google alternative for privacy
  • Doesn’t track users and minimal ads
  • User-friendly UI with infinite scrolling, so you don’t have to move onto pages


Ecosia, a free-to-use search engine, is an excellent choice among alternatives to Google as its user interface is clean and somewhat similar to Google. The web browser can quickly handle your search queries, but it’s USP that plants trees across the globe from the money it earns. Ecosia also doesn’t track your internet activity or sell your data to third parties.

Ecosia is available in seven different languages and provides features, such as automatic suggestions, safe search, notifications from trees. Bing powers Ecosia’s search engine. Personalized recommendations can be enabled. Ecosia assigns a unique identifier which is shared with Bing and deleted.

Why use the Ecosia search engine?

  • Simple to use interface
  • Doesn’t come loaded with online trackers and data collection tools
Google Alternatives: Best Search Engines

Google Alternatives: Best Search Engines


Yahoo! Search is the fourth most popular search engine, not too far behind Bing. Apart from looking up search results, this Google alternative search engine has a lot to offer. The web portal serves as a news aggregator, an email service, an online shopping center, games centre, travel directory, and much more. Supporting around 38 languages, Yahoo has been the default search engine for browsers like Mozilla Firefox. Yahoo’s web portal offers a variety of services ranging from sports to travel.

The integration of Flickr with the search engine has brought better image results, and sections like Yahoo Answers and Yahoo Finance offer a lot of information on several topics. On the privacy front, Yahoo! Is better than Google.

Why use Yahoo?

  • Many other services apart from search.

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Qwant is another privacy-oriented search engine that claims not to harvest your personal data for ad-targeting. Qwant sports many features are similar to DuckDuckGo. One of them, the “Qwick Search Shortcuts,” is just like the latter’s “Bangs” feature.

The user interface is quite pleasing and highlights trending topics along with news stories on its homepage in an organized manner. Any term that is searched will be displayed under three categories: Web, News, and Social. Also, this site has a dedicated section where you can discover new music and lyrics with the help of AI.

As this Google alternative doesn’t track you, it may not offer a personalized experience, but can provide a refreshing experience.

Why use Qwant?

  • This Google search engine alternative focuses on privacy
  • Qwant also serves as a music search engine


Swisscows was previously known as Hulbee. It is on the 6th position on the list of google search engine alternatives, due to its privacy-focused approach. With its child-appropriate search results for kids, it is quite popular among parents. There is a built-in filter for pornographic and violent content in the search engine. 

This Google alternative does not store any personal data, IP addresses, search queries, or other identifiers, making it one of the right search engines. The servers are located in Switzerland, which has some of the strictest privacy laws in the world. However, it relies on Bing for pulling data based on semantic information for intuitive search results.

Swisscows has its ad system where ads are solely targeted based on your query and not your location. Another feature of Swisscows is the grid of suggestion tags it offers whenever a query is typed. For example, typing Windows 10 suggests other words, like laptops, installs, apps, updates, features, etc.

Why use Swisscows?

  • Built-in filter for pornographic and violent content
  • Extremely privacy-focused
  • Shows helpful suggestion tags

Search Encrypt

A metasearch engine, Search Encrypt, puts privacy at its forefront and ensures that your online activities remain safe. The website claims that it doesn’t track any identifiable information about users as it uses local encryption to secure your searches. The search results are then retrieved from its network of search partners. Search Encrypt is a relatively new alternative to Google. It does its best to prevent the filter bubble of personalized searches and has over 23 million visitors each day.

The most striking feature of this alternative search engine is that for every 15 minutes of inactivity, the local browsing history expires automatically and gets deleted. 

Why use Search Encrypt?

  • Good search engine for privacy
  • Offers auto-delete feature for browsing history


Ixquick, a standalone search engine, developed another search engine called StartPage to include Google’s search results without the tracking. But in 2009, they were merged, and now they operate under the brand StartPage. Other than pulling up search results, this search engine offers proxy service to browse websites safely and anonymously. It has a custom URL generator that eliminates the need to set a cookie. Hence, your settings can be saved in a privacy-friendly manner.

Besides, several themes like Air (default), White, Black, Night (Dark Mode), and other Classic modes are offered.

Why use StartPage?

  • None of your details is stored (including IP)
  • Google-like search engine, without the tracking
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Another metasearch engine that deserves mention in this list is SearX. With the aim of making the internet more free and decentralized, this website doesn’t gather your data and offers unbiased results from several sources.

It retrieves search results from numerous sources that include famous ones like Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia, etc. SearX is an open-source Google alternative and available to everyone for a source code review as well as contributions on GitHub. You can even customize it as your own metasearch engine and host it on your server.

This Google alternative lets you tweak the settings in the Preferences sections with advanced options that are not usually available on other search engines. Torrent fans will love the SearX search engine as it helps you find magnet links to exact files when you search for a file through the metasearch engine.

Why use SearX?

  • Easily customizable search engine for privacy
  • Offers multiple options to improve search results


Yandex is a well-known search engine in Russia. It makes up around 55-65% of the market share in search engines. It is also used in some parts of Europe and is known to be the fifth-largest search engine all over the world.

Services like mobile apps, web browsers, translators, mailing services, cloud storage, maps, and analytics, make it a considerable alternative to Google. The search engine features a minimal design. The search results are laid out in a similar fashion to that of Google. You can search for images, videos, and news. If data privacy and security are essential to you, then you might want to skip out on this one since Yandex is from Russia.

Why use Yandex?

  • Tired of Google’s services, but you still want something familiar? Then Yandex is a viable option.
  • Also if you are in Russia you kind of have to.


Gibiru has been providing its services for free since 2009. It is known for delivering uncensored and anonymous search results. They claim that your search history is not saved on their servers, and the records are deleted after seconds of making a search query.

If you want to send your queries through a proxy IP address, then you can use the AnonymoX Firefox plugin. Gibiru does a fantastic job in terms of censorship and privacy and proves to be a great alternative to Google.

Why Use Gibiru?

  • Assures privacy while searching for uncensored content.



Disconnect is unique when it comes to displaying search results because it doesn’t show them on its own page. It will reroute your search queries to make it look like you’re anonymous and then display them in the search engine of your choice.

Disconnect can be considered more of a browser extension than a search engine as it doesn’t even have a page where you can make a query. It makes money through a premium VPN service it offers, which means that the search result won’t have ads or codes.

Why use Disconnect?

  • Open source browser extension.
  • Ability to use your favorite search engine while maintaining anonymity.
  • Available for following platforms – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Android, and iOS

Final Words: Which Google alternative do you choose?

Google has a massive following, which aggregates to more than 90% of the market share in search engines all over the world. Google uses smart implementations of algorithms and artificial intelligence to make it streamlined just for you.

The thought of not using Google might be a little weird at first, but maybe you’ll find an even better search engine that caters to your needs. So we recommend you to check out the Google alternatives listed above.

Remember to tell us which one you liked the most! Also, if we missed out on your Google alternative, let us know in the comments below!