The Google I/O developer conference is underway. During the event, the company revealed it is launching new ways to make strong and unique passwords for smartphones and PCs that use the Chrome web browser or Chrome OS.

It was talked by Google’s Jen Fitzpatrick about new features that are coming to the company’s Password Manager. Stopping the use of the same password by a user on multiple accounts was one of the goals of these features.

Google password manager

First, a tool that will import passwords used in other third-party managers to your Google account is being launched by Google.

Next, between Android and PCs that use either Chrome OS or the Chrome web browser, the company is adding deeper integration, so you can use the same account passwords on both platforms. Also, to let users know if their password has been compromised, the company is launching a notification alert.

Google password manager

Finally, for accounts that have already been compromised, Google announced a new way to quickly fix and update passwords. If their current password may have been leaked, using Google’s Duplex machine learning system, Chrome users will be able to see a “Change Password” button generated by Google Assistant. Through the process of creating a new password for that account, Assistant and Duplex will then automatically take them.

Google says its Password Manager can still help users make new and strong passwords for their accounts, while not all sites will be supported with this new feature immediately. In the weeks and months to come, more sites that support the new Duplex password creation field will be added.

By it’s new features, Google’s Password Manager will be made a stronger alternative to dedicated password manager services like LastPass or Dashlane.