Google Pixel 5A would most certainly launch at Google IO 2021 on May 18. The Pixel 5a was a no-show, and we’re left wondering where Google’s new smartphone is, as you can tell by the tone of that previous sentence.

Is Google holding onto the Pixel 5a to be seen later in the year, to match the August launch of the Pixel 4a last year? or to round out the tech conference, which ends on May 20? The former seems more likely.

At IO 2019, The Google Pixel 3a was launched. So We are thinking that the Pixel 5A might show up at IO this year – there wasn’t a 2020 event and the Pixel 4a launched later in the year.

Since that phone itself was a more budget device than we’re used to for Pixel flagships, we’re curious to see what the 5a brings, the Google Pixel 5A is set to be an affordable spin on the Pixel 5 launched in mid-2020.

We’re excited about the next affordable Pixel phone, whenever it turns up, and now we’ve heard some unofficial and official news around the upcoming handset.

Google Pixel 5a launch

Google Pixel 5a launch

Ee might also get some clues on what the Pixel 5A will bring from the Pixel 5 as the Pixel 4A followed the Google Pixel 4. In some ways it was a step back in terms of features, offering users a more affordable flagship option.

We can also list which features we would be truly excited to see in its successor by looking at what the Pixel 4a didn’t incorporate. Along with what we want to see in the Pixel 5a, read on for what we’ve already heard.

Google Pixel 5a price and release date

  • What is the Google Pixel 5a? The next mid-range Google smartphone
  • When will the Google Pixel 5a come out? Possibly August
  • How much will the Google Pixel 5a cost? At or above $349 / £349 / AU$599

We expected to see the Pixel 5a at the Google IO 2021 keynote, but it did not take place. As Google made noises about unveiling new hardware at the event, it may still show up before the end of the show on May 20 though.

It was said by one earlier leak that Google Pixel 5a would launch on June 11. Plus, until August 2020, the Google Pixel 4a wasn’t announced. That was later than expected. It was probably a delay caused by the pandemic. It’s possible that the Pixel 5a would land in or around August of 2021 to leave a year’s gap between them.

It’s also not clear whether the Pixel 5a will be having a global launch – Google confirmed that the Pixel 5a 5G is coming to the US and Japan, but didn’t go into detail about worldwide availability, after rumours that it was cancelled outright started cropping up(or whether there would be a 4G LTE version of the Pixel 5a).

As for the price, the first mid-range phone in the series, the Google Pixel 3a, was released at $399 / £399 / AU$649. Costing $349 / £349 / AU$599 at launch, the Pixel 4a went even lower. We wouldn’t expect it to drop any lower. But we have been wrong before, while the cost could go higher – especially if 5G is included.

Google Pixel 5a news and rumours

The Google Pixel 5a exists….this is the first rumour we heard. Really! Along with codenames for what we expect is future Pixel phones, a supposedly official document listed the Pixel 5a by name – including the Google Pixel 6 and 6 XL, as well as what could be the rumoured Google foldable phone.

We’ve seen a second info dump, but it tells us of even fewer new features than the first rumours. The Google Pixel 5a will be near-identical to the Pixel 4a 5G with the same design, screen specs and cameras as per renders and feature leaks. Google wouldn’t put out the same phone twice. So presumably, there’s more we have to learn.

It might have a new chipset, for one thing. It may have the Snapdragon 780G chipset that made its debut in the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G. It offers up to a 40% CPU performance uplift, plus improved photography, among other things and this is the successor to the Snapdragon 765G in the Pixel 4a 5G.

That said, Pixel 5a uses the same Snapdragon 765G processor we saw in the Pixel 4a 5G and indeed the Pixel 5 is pointed by more recent reports. As this might be Google’s way of ensuring supply while also guaranteeing decent levels of performance, we know there’s a shortage of chips around the world at the moment. For the Pixel 6, a custom-made chip codenamed Whitechapel is being rumoured.

When a camera sample was very briefly posted to a Google blog before being taken down again, we also got a very brief look at the sort of photo quality to expect from the Pixel 5a. It was disclosed that one of the rear camera lenses on the phone will be an ultrawide f/2.2 lens.

We’ve already spoken of the brouhaha over if the Google Pixel 5a is cancelled or not: Google stepped in to say that it hadn’t when some sources said it had. At least, not in Japan and the US.

Google Pixel 5a what we want to see
We have more eager to speculate how it could be improved in the next affordable Pixel phone even if we’re still enamoured with the Pixel 4a. Here’s what we’d like to see next time around if Google is paying any attention to our wishes.

1. More rear cameras

Were hoping the Pixel 4a would inherit the telephoto lens of the Pixel 4 and we’ve wanted more rear cameras on the entire Pixel line for years. Our hopes shift to the Pixel 5a, which we’d love to see with a zoom and ultrawide lens, as that didn’t happen(and heck, why not a macro while we’re at it).

2. 5G connectivity standard

We’d love to see the Pixel 5a pack 5G as a standard feature, while the Pixel 4a 5G will define how viable the mid-range 5G phone is in a market that seems happy enough with 4G LTE cheap phones. Given the price hike that this year’s 5G-capable phones experienced, but even an affordable 5G phone would be a stellar option, this might be dependent on whether 2021 phones that connect to the advanced networks come any cheaper.

3. Better battery life

The Pixel 4’s abysmal battery life was not suffered by Pixel 4a. It wasn’t spectacular, either, often with single-digit capacity left at the end of a single day. We’d love to have the mid-range Pixel 5a last as long as the competition, given many budget phones have 4,000mAh batteries or larger.

4. Metal and glass body

Yes, Since it debuted in the Pixel 3a, the mid-range line has had a polycarbonate plastic body – but it’s the biggest budget compromise on a device with incredible software and a reliable camera. Especially since other equally-priced phones like the iPhone SE 2020 with glass backs and metal frames, we’d love to see the Pixel 5a step up its game.

5. A micro SD slot

Google. Please. Let us at least expand it on our own, if you’re not going to ship your Pixel 4a with more than 128GB of storage. Here’s hoping that’s amended in the Pixel 5a.