You’ve most likely heard that quickly becoming the buzz of the town, Ripple (XRP) had a spike in late 2017 and early 2018. With the promise of providing a long-awaited cross-border payment experience that is low-cost, reliable and immediate, Ripple has partnered up with major financial providers such as Western Union, the SAMA, UBS and Santander. So far, it seems they have delivered.

It continues to spark interest, having grown 4300 per cent in value during 2017, even if the first 3 months of 2018 have been a bit rough for XRP (at the time of writing the centralized altcoin had a market cap of around $31 billion and was trading for $0.79).

You might already be aware that these coins are not mined, but owned and periodically released by Ripple Labs if you’re looking to get some XRP of your own. Are you wondering what’s the best way to purchase Ripple? On how to buy Ripple with US dollars, other cryptocurrencies, and via peer-to-peer networks, given below is a quick guide.

How to buy Ripple with USD

At Bitstamp, Kraken, Bitsane, Gatehub,, Bitfinex and Exmo, Ripple can be exchanged for US dollars. We’ll show you how, Don’t worry.

How to buy Ripple with USD on Bitstamp

  • Create an account: go to the registration form and give your email address, your name, and your country. Then, an email containing a user ID and password will be received. Login after getting back to the site. As soon as you do that, remember to change your password.
  • Now verify the account here. choose “personal account verification” or “corporate account verification”, depending on your situation. You will be asked to submit further personal information, some proof of residence such as a bank account statement, a utility bill, or a government-issued document, and a high-quality image of an ID document. Don’t use the same ID document as proof of residence.
  • You will be able to deposit funds, once your account is verified. Go to and depending on where you live, select SEPA or international bank transfer. Click “Deposit” after filling out your banking info. You should now see Bitstamp’s banking information. Just send them a transfer from a bank account held in your name, in order to deposit funds. When the funds are credited to your Bitstamp balance (you can check your balance here), you’ll receive a notification email. You’re all set!
  • Simply select the correct market (XRP/USD), and complete an order in the main account, to buy XRP on Bitstamp. Select “Buy XRP” at the top of the screen after going to In the “I want to spend” window, type in how much you want to spend and click the “Buy XRP” button at the bottom of the screen. Check that the XRP has been added to your balance after the transaction is complete.

Bitstamp’s payment methods:

With a credit card, debit card, and international bank transfer, you can purchase Ripple on Bitstamp.

Bitstamp’s fees:

Withdrawals and Сryptocurrency deposits are free. Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin cash is included in this.

  • With a minimum fee of 7.5 USD/EUR and a maximum fee of 300 USD/EUR, international bank transfer deposits in USD carry a 0.05 per cent deposit fee. To the selected balance currency, any currency other than USD gets converted. 50 USD/EUR is the minimum international deposit.
  • For amounts up to $1000, the debit card deposits carry a flat fee of $10, and a 2 per cent charge above this amount.
  • A0.09 percent fee with a minimum fee of 15.00 USD/EUR is carried by International wire withdrawals.
  • same as deposits, Debit card withdrawals carry a flat fee of $10 for amounts up to $1000 and a 2 per cent charge above this amount.
  • 5 percent fee is carried in Credit card purchases of any amount.

How to buy Ripple with USD on Kraken

  • To create an account, Go to the registration form. You get a choice to add a public key and/or master key as well. You will receive an email with a link to an account activation page (alternatively, just activate the account manually here), once signed in. Click “activate account” after Filling in the info.
  • Now you must verify your account. “Get verified” after Logging in and going to “Account”. In order to make bank deposits in USD to buy XRP, you’ll need to get verified for Tier 3 or higher. Keep in mind that for the tier you choose, you must not go over the deposit limit established. Click the green “Get verified” button at the bottom, when you’re done. You will be asked to provide some ID verifying documents.
  • You’re ready to make a deposit, once verified. Keep in mind not to exceed the limit. Go to “Account”, next “Funding” and then “Deposit”. Select the kind of deposit. You’ll need to activate domestic wire transfers on your account before making a deposit if you are depositing USD as a US resident. See this page for more info on domestic transfers. You should go to Account > Funding > Deposit > USD SMBC (SWIFT), if you’re depositing USD as a non-US resident. You’ll need an ID confirmation photo to deposit USD into your Kraken account if you’re a resident of Germany or Japan. Check this page for more info.
  • You’re finally ready to buy XRP.

In the upper-left corner, in the black bar, select XRP/USD from the currency pair drop-down menu. select “Simple interface” after going to “New Order”, and then place a buy order for XRP. Type in the amount of XRP you want to purchase and submit.

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Kraken’s Payment methods:

The exchange categorically rejects ACH transfers, bill payments, checks, cash deposits, credit and debit cards, PayPal, and similar forms of payment and only accepts wire transfers. A wire transfer which will be charged by the client’s bank should cost a fee of around $25 – $30.

From third-party payment processors, Kraken cannot accept deposits, except in some cases where they provide their clients with personalized IBANs that are in the client’s own name.

Kraken fees:

  • Domestic USD deposits are charged a $5 fee.
  • USD SWIFT deposits are charged a $10 fee.
  • Cryptocurrency deposits: Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ripple deposits are all free. For moving coins into the Kraken wallet, Ether just carries a small fee.
  • Domestic USD withdrawals (available in 48 US states + DC) are charged a $5 fee.
  • A $60 fee is charged by USD SWIFT withdrawals (available in most countries).
  • Cryptocurrency withdrawals have varying fees: Bitcoin withdrawals are feed ฿0.0005, Ether – Ξ0.005, Ripple Ʀ0.02 and Litecoin – Ł0.001.

How to buy Ripple with USD on

  • To create an account, head over to this form. You’ll be asked to set up 2-factor authentication (2FA) – Cex strongly recommends it, upon entering an email address and a password.  A welcome email and a confirmation email with a user ID will also be received, which you have 24 hours to confirm.
  • You’ll see a page displaying your account when you’ve set up 2FA. Float over your user ID at the top right corner (close to the green “Deposit” button). Select “Verification” from the drop-down menu. On the next page, Click “Start verification”. Submit your ID confirmation info as required.
  • Click the green “Deposit” button, when you’ve been verified. You can choose to deposit via bank transfer (takes a few days but has no fees) or credit/debit card (instant but charges a fee).
  • Check your balance. You can click “BUY/SELL” on the top menu and choose to buy XRP using USD when your funds have been deposited. Click “Buy”. payment methods:

As payment methods, this exchange accepts VISA, MasterCard, bank transfers, and Crypto Capital. fees:

  • Depending on the trade volume, has varying taker-maker transaction fees. You can check them all here.
  • VISA payment carries a 3.5 percent + $0.25 deposit fee $3.80 withdrawal fee
  • MasterCard carries a 3.5 percent + $0.25 deposit fee and a 1.2 percent + $3.80 withdrawal fee.
  • Crypto Capital only has a 3 percent withdrawal fee.
  • Bank transfers are free of charge.
Ripple Vs. Bitcoin

Ripple Vs. Bitcoin

How to buy Ripple with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins

With other cryptocurrencies, there’s also the option of buying XRP. There are some main guidelines that apply in any case:

  • First, you must have a wallet that can hold the cryptocurrency that you want to buy the XRP with. But, We may be stating the obvious here. You’ll need to buy some more If you don’t have enough of that currency. At Coinbase or any other exchange that sells Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies, you can do this easily. From Coinbase (or another) over to the wallet address where you’ll be storing the currency you can send the cryptocurrency.
  • Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance Shapeshift, and Changelly will all allow you to exchange XRP (though not for USD), besides the exchanges mentioned in the previous sections.
  • Create an account for one of these exchanges, and deposit your cryptocurrency of choice, having checked first that the exchange chosen trades the cryptocurrency chosen for XRP after following the same register-and-verification steps as described above – see the list below.
  • Go ahead and buy XRP with it after you have an account in an exchange holding some cryptocurrency.
  • Into a safe wallet, you can later withdraw the XRP. In terms of safety, remember that cold wallets are always preferable.

Fees and payment methods

A 0.25 percent commission is simply charged by Bittrex for all trades. There’s no chance of withdrawing or depositing fiat currencies; only through cryptocurrencies channeled through Bittrex’s online wallets, are possible.

A volume-tiered, maker-taker fee schedule is used by Poloniex which you can check here. Binance does not charge fees for deposits, but don’t allow them in fiat currencies (only cryptocurrencies). Depend on the coin, their withdrawal fees vary. (Bitcoin charges 0.01 while Ethereum and Litecoin charge 0.1).