Deleting a Yahoo Account should not be a problem, and the following is a step by step guide on how to delete your yahoo email account.

About a decade ago, Yahoo used to be the best email service available. Over time, like other things in life, new email platforms replaced it. As options continue to multiply, users want to try every new candy they find and discard the older one. However, that’s not the only reason one might want to delete their Yahoo account. They might choose to do so to permanently erase all tracks of their activities to keep their data secure.

Since you are already reading this article, we assume that you don’t need any more convincing to delete yahoo account permanently. So let’s jump right into the steps.

How to delete your yahoo email account?

  1. Start by opening the terminate Yahoo page and log into your credentials.·
  2. An oath page will come up. Scroll down and click on continue to delete my account.
    how do I delete my yahoo account
  3. There will be a confirmation page. Fill in your email id once again and click on yes, terminate this account.
    permanently delete yahoo account

What Happens When You Permanently Delete a Yahoo Account?

But what actually are you getting into if you choose to delete your Yahoo account? Here are some things that happen when you choose to opt-out of the service permanently.

  • Account name and email address:
    Every account has a unique name and email ID. Once you delete that ID, the service will release the name and ID back after thirty days. Simply put, if there is someone else who wants to use the concerned username, they will be able to do it after thirty days. This has a huge potential for miscommunication from previous contacts. Hence, one must inform all contacts before deleting their account.
  • Restore the Yahoo account within 30 days:
    Now that you have deleted the account, you realize there was some important data in it. What do you do? There is no scope of worry as you can redeem your deleted account. But this needs to be done within thirty days before your username is released back to service.
  • Password Recovery Options:
    Let’s say that you have previously delete your yahoo email account now want to recover it after 30 days. In such a case, you will have to use another email ID. this is for password recovery. Also, you can’t restore your account twice.
  • Yahoo contacts:
    One may or may not have contacts or subscriptions that send emails to their account often. After the account is deleted, these contacts will receive a message. Yahoo will respond with a delivery failure notification.
  • Yahoo Email Address:
    One must have a backup email address for linked services like the bank or online shopping sites or social networking sites, for they cannot restore their account after 30 days.

What is lost after Deleting a Yahoo Account?

There are things you lose when you terminate your Yahoo account. The following are some things you let go of.

    1. Your Email address
    2. Your Email ID data 
    3. Your Yahoo GeoCities data
    4. Your Yahoo Briefcase data
    5. Your Yahoo Small Business data
    6. Your My Yahoo data
    7. Your Flickr account
    8. Your HotJobs data

Yahoo takes up to 90 days to completely delete your yahoo email account by means of the whole process, however, one gets only 30 days to recover the account and all the data that has been mentioned above, before losing it forever.a

Get control of your yahoo data

Here is how to get your Yahoo data:

  1. Go to Yahoo Privacy Dashboard
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and select Request a Download
  3.  Select the type of data sets such as search history, comments, data used for personalized advertising, etc
  4. Click next and enter an email address on which you’d like to be notified
  5. Click on Request Download

How to Download the Yahoo email data

  • Go to Yahoo Privacy Dashboard
  • Under the Products section, click on Yahoo Mail
  • Click on Mail Download Manager adjacent to Yahoo Mail
  • Choose the type of data you would like to retrieve
  • Enter an email address on which you’d like to be notified
  • Click OK

Although getting a new account is understandable, it still does not take away the fact that you need extra security. Internet service providers, hackers, and government surveillance agencies can easily monitor your online activities such as browsing history, accounts, and personal data.

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