Torrent has been one of the most used software to download series, movies, and other entertainment shows from the internet but Torrent Download Speed is major issue. Using torrent is also not a very difficult job for the users. But there are times when torrent doesn’t work on a very quick rate.

One method to elevate or quicken up the speed of your torrent download is using various torrent clients which makes the work easier. There are many sites available over the internet which works efficiently. There are no heavy settings needed to get the work done, but there are times when one might need to turn more knobs that usual.

One can make their Torrent Download Speed much faster by just following some simple steps that we have listed below. These steps will surely help you to work better.

How to increase Torrent Download Speed BitTorrent when downloading videos?

One doesn’t need to learn rocket science for increasing the Torrent Download Speed. There are many methods available on the internet. Some methods can be done using some online mediums while others might require you to install an application. We will be providing you with all those methods on how to increase speed in UTorrent in this article.

Choosing a good torrent

Before making your choice of the “healthy” torrent, you should be well equipped with the concept of the leecher and seeder. It’s not difficult to learn the difference between the two.

The leecher links do not have the complete copy of your required file and use a second party network for downloading a file. But the seeder has the full copy of your required file stores and can be shared on the required network.

In other words, once a leecher extracts a full file that needs to be downloaded it becomes a seeder too! So, when you check Torrent Download Speed downloading a file check if your file has more number of seeders than the count of leechers.

Get the lightweight torrent client

If you wish to increase the Torrent Download Speed of the installation of your torrent, firstly try to install a lightweight torrent client/ When it comes to torrent clients, BitTorrent is one of the first names that comes up in the list. But Bit Torrent accumulates other apps and functioning too. One of the lightweight torrent clients can be qBittorrrent. This software works on installing getting the download quickly. It speeds up the torrent. The software is compatible with all devices of Mac, Android, and Windows.

Add trackers to your download

Trackers are one of the best ways when it comes to optimizing the downloading speed of the torrent file. You can add new trackers that boost up the speed of your already downloaded torrents by speeding up. They help to add news peers and seeds to connection. Adding trackers is not a complicated method. There are some specific links you can find online which one has to add simply in their existing trackers, Just copy and paste the new trackers along with the old ones. You do not have to worry if they are the same.

New trackers can be added by righting clicking on the torrent file, select properties, and going to the tab that says general. Scroll down to the bottom and paste the trackers in the section. 

Changing the number of connections

Once the rate for downloading is set, one can even bring a change in the number of connections. This helps to avoid any type of overloading in the system. The Hit and trial method can work too. Go to properties and select the Bandwidth section. Set the global maximum number of connections to a number like 150 and the number for maximum connected peers to 100.

Limiting the Download Rate and the Global Upload

The torrent files can be sped up by using clients such as uTorrent, qTorrent, and BitTorrent. How To Make Your Torrent Download Speed 300% FasterThis client platforms help to bring a limit on the scale of downloading and uploading rate. We won’t advise you to shut it down completely or set it to a low speed such as 1 kB/s. 

If you wish to change the upload rates bring it on up till 80% the rate. The Torrent Download Speed rate can be kept at 0 though. For configuring with the settings, go to Properties, select Bandwidth, and set the Global Upload Rate Limite to 80% of the maximum upload.

Changing the general settings for optimizing the uTorrent

For increasing the Torrent Download Speed, you will need to optimize your settings of uTorrent in such a way that the downloading speed spikes up automatically. There are three options available in the system to do that. Go to options, navigate to the options, and click on general. Check all the three options Apend .!ud to incomplete files and also the pre-allocate all files. 

In most cases, the third option which says prevent standby if there are active torrents is already checked. 

Adding an exception to the Windows Firewall

The Windows Firewall can acts as a hindrance in your downloading of the file as it blocks the incoming connections by BitTorrent or blocks the client. Adding an exception can help in better performance in Torrent Download Speed for downloading the videos. 

For adding the exceptions, go to options, click on preference, and navigate to connections. Check the box that says Add Windows Firewall option and apply the needed settings. It is advised never to shut down your Windows Firewall on a permanent basis, as it makes your system more prone to attacks and increase Torrent Download Speed.