Live-streaming is not a wilderness. But it can feel that way sometimes: finding your way to someone new can be daunting, even if you know what you’re doing. That’s why my raid is my favorite thing about live-streaming. When a streamer who’s done streaming sends their entire live audience to another currently live streamer. (Yes, it’s opt-in.) Being a viewer, it feels like taking part in an event — suddenly, in your numbers, you are a piece of entertainment. And now you have something new to watch after your streamer has signed off as a bonus.

When did Twitch raiding start?

Now, Twitch raiding is an old tradition. by introducing smaller streamers to an established audience, it focuses on uplifting them. However, it wasn’t always quite so positive. So what is a Twitch raid?

We need to go back in time to when raiding on Twitch used to be part of a toxic culture, cultivated on 4chan, focused on bringing other streamers down with coordinated attacks, to fully understand what is a raid on Twitch. Streamers they didn’t like, oftentimes women will be selected by Groups of people from the messaging board, and begin formulating different messages and slurs intended to hurt the streamer. This group would then abuse the streamer by all joining the stream at the same time.

So you might be thinking why Twitch then enforced this feature? Well, raiding could have a positive impact on a streamer too, outside of the negative circles. When someone breathes new life into your chat, there is a certain buzz you get as a small streamer and you can begin making connections with new viewers.

Twitch Raid vs. Host

It is very similar to a raid but the differences make a big impact, if you’ve been on Twitch for some time you may also know about Hosting. Designers in Twitch build in plenty of ways to share streams and it is collaborative too. All of those options can get confusing. There are important differences to be aware of, while a Twitch raid and a Twitch host are similar.

Twitch raids are different from Twitch hosting due to:

  • Status. Tight before you’re jumping off your stream, the Twitch raid usually starts. It’s a quick introduction to another channel. Then it lasts until you’re no longer streaming. When they’re offline, Twitch users host channels for hours at a time.
  • Chat. Host a channel. Then the chats go to you. Raid a channel. Then all the comments go to the owners of the raided channel.
  • Notifications. Raids are flashy. Streamers are told how many people might come over and they’re notified when they begin. Typically, it is an exciting moment.
  • it comes with a little less pizzazz, even if the Streamers are notified via chat when hosting begins.

A Twitch raid sends the viewers to a new channel. Then they can interact and chat with that streamer there. However, on the original channel hosting retains the viewers, but they begin viewing the hosted channels stream. Till they click the ‘Go to channel’ button, the chatters will stay on the original channel.

How to raid on Twitch?

You might have asked yourself the question of “how to raid on Twitch” just like us. Well, beginning a Raid as a creator is straightforward. First, let your viewers realize you’re going to begin a raid and then share a chat message that you wish your viewers to paste into the channel when they arrive.

  1. Type /raid followed by the name of the channel that you want to raid to start a Raid(e.g. /raid twitch presents to raid the twitch presents channel). Only your channel editors and you can begin a raid this way.
  2. With a 10-second countdown along with an inactive Raid Now button, after you type /raid, you will see a pinned chat message. You can click Raid Now to execute the raid after 10 seconds. The raid will automatically begin if you don’t click Cancel or Raid Now within 80 seconds. 
  3. Through a pinned chat message, your viewers know they are joining a Raid. By clicking the “Leave” button on the pinned message, your viewers may leave a raid at any time. Now you know how to raid someone on Twitch!Note: Didn’t mean to start a raid? No worries, by clicking the Cancel button in the pinned chat message or typing /unraid into your chat, you can cancel the raid during the countdown.
  4. You and your raiders will be sent to the channel you’re raiding when the countdown ends. People in the channel you’re raiding will see a chat message “<Your channel> is raiding with a party of <number of raiders>”, at the same time.

Viewers who have not joined the raid will have something to watch as you will also automatically start hosting the channel that you’re raiding.

Through both the website and the Twitch mobile app, joining a Raid as a viewer is possible. you’ll see a pinned chat message “<Channel A> is raiding <Channel B>” when a streamer starts a raid.

You will be automatically entered into the Raid if you are viewing the channel. When the streamer clicks Raid Now, you, the streamer, and other raiders will be sent over to the other channel. You, the streamer, and other raiders will be sent over to the other channel if the streamer doesn’t click Cancel or Raid Now within 90 seconds.

If you do not wish to take part in the Raid, by clicking the Leave button to remain on your current channel, you may leave the raid before the countdown ends.

You may join again by clicking the Join button in the pinned message if you change your mind about leaving the Raid.

What to do during a Twitch Raid

So someone has chosen to raid you on Twitch, that’s great! However, to make sure that you don’t throw away those golden opportunities, there are some important things you need to get right during a raid!

  • Be friendly –  be approachable, friendly, and remember to thank the person and ask about their stream when someone has just ended their stream and has come to visit yours.
  • Be interested – with these new viewers, spark up the conversation about who they were just watching and what was being streamed.
  • Get involved – You are required to involve the new viewers with what is going on in your stream, get them caught up so they realize what’s going on.
  • Promote yourself – It’s OK to let people realize how to find you! Tell people your stream schedule and where they can find your live notifications when promoting yourself. Twitch follow / Discord / Twitter.
  • Return the favour – Remember the person who raided you. You are attempting to create friends and begin building a community! You must share the love and raid someone who has raided you before or someone else at the end of your stream!

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if you get a twitch raid on 4chan?

  • Racism is a violation of the terms of service. So you can report those profiles and add in any information you can (ie it’s a malicious raid, the source if possible, etc. more details = better.) In the future, you can solve it with one simple command, if your chat melts from a bad raid.
  • /subscribers
    As a non-partner, This command will force chat into a mode that only mods and you can use. This will end a troll raid dead in its tracks. Disable it if you have the following alert.
  • Keep it on and capture a minute or two of chat, then disable it, if you have an on-screen chat. Reason for this: you can utilize it in your reports. Provide a timestamp with the vod. This is one huge reason I continue chatting on screen.
  • Usually take no more than 5 or 10 minutes, once you feel it has settled down. Just do /subscribers off. Then chat will return to its normal functionality.

Most importantly: just fully and entirely ignore any comments made in chat. This is easier said than done. They will get bored much quicker if you’re not responding, which is why sub-only mode is a really good tool for this.

How do I choose which channel to raid?

You can raid any channel you want. to share audiences, raiding your peers can be an easy way, and raiding a smaller streamer just might make their day!

Do raids work on mobile?

Yes. You can join raids as a viewer on mobile devices and start raids as a streamer or editor.

Can I raid without hosting the other channel?

No. You’ll automatically host the channel that you’re raiding if your broadcast has ended. After the raid, you can always change this.