On April 14, OnePlus will present its new OnePlus 8 via online event. The company wants to show off not only its new high-end equipment with a 120 Hz display but a 5G modem and an exciting choice of colors. Apple seems to want to rain on its parade – and not for the first time.

Product launches are an important matter in the tech sector. With the right media support many (potential) fans and later customers can be reached. The Chinese manufacturer has chosen April 14 at 17:00 (CET) for the presentation of its OnePlus 8 series. But now it seems as if Apple is going to take on the manufacturer head-on and sabotage the event.


Apple iPhone 9: ready for launch on April 14?

Until yesterday the world looked rosy for OnePlus. At that time it was assumed that Apple would not introduce the iPhone SE2 (or iPhone 9) until April 15th, one day after the OnePlus 8 launch.

According to the YouTuber, Jon Prosser, from Front Page Tech, Apple is thinking about bringing its own event forward. Prosser claims there is a possibility that Apple will introduce the new iPhone series on the same day as the OnePlus event. This would put the Chinese in the uncomfortable position of sharing media attention with one of the strongest manufacturers in the smartphone market, presenting a device that iPhone fans have been waiting for for years.

Will Apple become a repeat offender?

This is not the first time that Apple has put OnePlus in its place in this way. Apple thwarted the unveiling of a smartphone in 2018, too. The OnePlus 6T was scheduled for release on October 30 and was a big deal for the company due to its first major contract with T-Mobile in the United States.

Apple announced an event in a press release that was scheduled one hour before the OnePlus launch. The Chinese manufacturer then avoided the obvious battle for the press and postponed its own launch until October 29. And rightly so: Apple later presented the new iPad Pro 2018, which was the subject of lively reports from the world of technology.

Now two years later, OnePlus faces the same dilemma and has to decide whether to share the stage with Apple or postpone the launch for safety’s sake. Apparently, Apple is more interested in the rivalry than is publicly admitted. Otherwise, such an action would be hard to explain. But you have to consider that such an event requires lead time for planning and is not decided on a whim.

To give you a good overview of the two smartphones in advance, we have compiled the most important information here: