Who doesn’t love extra space? Additional space is always good to have on any device, especially on Mac devices. Extra space means more space for your photos, songs, movies, and files without stressing out about storage running out. As your Mac gets older, space gets reduced. This is when you need a trustworthy partition manager to make some room.

These days it is quite easy to look for adequate partition managers online. Partition managers allow you to increase or reduce, make, divide, or merge storage partitions of the hard drive or any other storage you have on your hand.

It creates and manages space, but it also lets you have an organized hard disk. There is no need to stress about if you’re running out of storage space on your Mac. You will know everything that you need to after reading this article for the best partition managers for Mac systems

Why Use Third-Party Mac Partition Software?

Mac systems, like any other system, run faster when there is free space. You will soon run out of this free space if you are backing up all your data from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac. 

Mac partition manager

Mac partition manager

Whenever your primary boot partition Macintosh HD on Mac or Boot Camp on Windows is getting crowded, then it is possible for your systems to perform poorly. One Recommended solution is to redistribute the storage space amongst all the partitions (volumes). For this specific case, a simple disk utility software wouldn’t cut it; hence, you would need an advanced third-party Mac partition manager.

You might feel like making a lot of partitions or resizing the external HDD. You can try using a disk utility, but sometimes this process takes forever. A third-party partition manager can help you in this aspect.

What to Consider?


The software has to be free of any virus, worm, or malware. Try to avoid the application if it comes with any other embedded plugins that intervene with ads when surfing the internet. Adware has been running rampant these days on Mac systems.


The best Mac partitioning managers should do more than what a Disk Utility can do. You would save time if you had one software that could do it all. An additional feature could be if the app can resize Boot Camp volumes if your system operates on dual boot. Hence, it is preferable if it was compatible with both NTFS and HFS volumes. Create media that is bootable, which can then be utilized in partitioning boot drives.


It must work in the standard macOS versions.

Ease of use:

The application should be user-friendly. Partition resizing/deleting process. It shouldn’t take too long.

Technical Support:

Handling hard drives usually requires technical skills. Any mishandling can cause significant data loss. Hence, the providers of the application should be responsive to all of the user’s requests.

Our picks for the Best Partition Manager for MacOS

  1. IPartition for Mac

partition manager mac


IPartition is a free mac partitioning manager. It shows you a visual representation of your remaining space in a pie graph. The resize handle is easy to use and gives you visual cues as to how much of the space will be separated and the capacity of each volume.

IPartition throws any errors or warnings linked with your partition in a new window, which makes it easy for the user to understand what went wrong. This application even lets you queue tasks, change partitions, and resize them with ease.

  1. Paragon Hard Disk Manager

paragon partition manager mac


Paragon Hard Disk Manager is the one-stop-shop for all your data management problems related to a Mac system. This application even has dynamic data recovery. And data backup with high efficiency to avoid data loss and make your data more secure makes Paragon one of the best Mac partition managers out there.

Paragon even grants you access to make a copy of your entire disk storage so that it comes in handy when upgrading to a new system. Additional benefits include high compatibility with macOS Sierra, High Sierra, Yosemite, Mojave, and El Captain.

  1. Disk Utility

mac free partition manager

Disk Utility is the default data management and disk partitioning software that comes with Mac systems. Disk Utility is user-friendly, provides a visual representation in the form of a pie chart for better comprehensibility. 

Few features provided by Disk Utility deletion, addition, and redistribution of the hard drive storage while preventing critical data loss.

  1. Stellar Mac Partition Manager

free partition manager mac

Stellar is a partition manager software that is known for its efficiency. It operates by shifting pre-existing partitions to create more space in the presence of any free or unclaimed space.

Stellar is highly reliable and safe. It can perform the following functions – delete, hide, reformat. It can even resize NTFS and Boot Camp partitions with ease. Stellar is best known to work well with macOS Sierra 10.6 to 10.12.R. 

  1. GParted (Gnome Partition Editor)

Gnome partition editor or better known as GParted, has the ability to create more storage space in your hard disk while avoiding data loss. It can perform the following functions – delete, create, check, label, and move additional space into valuable ones with ease.

It can expand your C drive storage, resulting in your system being faster than it was. More space in the C drive means you can fit another OS in it as well. Gparted is helpful as it can recover data from damaged partitions. This application works better with extensions like NTFS, xfs, btrfs, and nilfs.

  1. Partition Magic

Partition Magic is a partition manager that is geared towards keeping your data safe and secure, making it one of the best Mac partition managers. Partition Magic allows you to mix or resize the partitions, arrange data, create storage space, modify or edit partitions, perform multitasking, preview, and delete.

Moreover, it is known for its user-friendly interface. It prevents data loss by saving your current work of a partition in case of a power cut. 


Partitioning has many good things in it for you, like the ease of formatting and data security. A partitioning manager who helps to delete, create, and resize the hard drive with wase can be called an effective partition manager.

There are a lot of partitioners out there for MacOS. Selecting a trusted application should be made a priority. The partition managers that we listed are entirely safe to use for Mac systems. These partition managers are sure to get the job done for you!