Two of the most world-renowned mobile operating systems that are known for their state-of-the-art technology, attractive user interface, and multi-functionality are Android and iOS. Although these operating systems share standard features like communication, multimedia, etc., the way they are offered differs from each other in terms of the user interface, permissions, and third-party app integrations. 

Can you run iOS apps on Android?

iOS is best known for its closed ecosystem. Apple users are limited to apps only available in the Apple app store. There are also mobile applications available exclusively for iOS devices. However, Android is the complete opposite when compared to Apple’s closed ecosystem in terms of system permissions.

run an iOS app on android

If apps aren’t made to run on Android devices, installing them on these devices can be problematic. That being said, because of Android’s relationship with developers, apps have been created, which can run apps exclusively on iOS devices. These applications are known as iPhone emulators.


Emulators are softwares installed on desktop PCs or smartphones that create a synthetic environment to run applications that were initially made to be installed and executed in a different operating system. These days it is hugely being used to run mobile games on PCs and run an iOS app on android.

Users have been using emulators for a long time in PCs to serve the same purpose – install and run applications that weren’t meant to be compatible with the user’s Operating System. The best part about emulators is that you don’t have to switch out hardware to run particular applications. Different emulators have different functionalities.

According to Wikipedia, these are the different types of emulators:

  • CPU (Central processing units)
  • Computer system emulators
  • Full system simulators
  • Mobile phones and PDAs (Personal digital assistants)
  • Multi-system emulators
  • Network Emulators
  • OS (Operating system) emulators
  • Printer emulators
  • Terminal emulators
  • Video game console emulators

running ios on android

Exclusive iOS Apps

We have listed out a few of the most popular applications that are exclusively made for Apple devices.

  • Tweetbot allows you to keep track of statistics for every tweet. It costs $4.99.

iphone emulator for android apk

  • Hitlist is an app that suggests the appropriate times to travel to different destinations. Freely available in the Apple app store.

best ios emulator for android

  • Ummo is a personal speech coaching app. It lets you know when you are using filler words. It costs $1.99.

play ios apps on android

  • Enlight Photofox is a fantastic photo enhancement app available only on the Apple App Store. It costs $3.99.

play ios apps on android

Although there are endless possibilities in the applications that you can execute using emulators, there are also emulators that grant you to run iPhone apps on Android and vice-versa.

We created a simple guide of using an iOS emulator for Android names Appetize iOS emulator. Appetize is a web-based emulator that is used to run iPhone apps on Android devices. It is quite straightforward.