Email or text messages are used by scammers to trick you into giving them your personal information. But you can do several things to protect yourself

Unsolicited and unwanted junk email sent out in bulk to an indiscriminate recipient list is called Spam Emails. By botnets, networks of infected computers, it can be sent in a massive volume.

Spam Emails is usually sent for commercial purposes. Many businesses still use spam, even if some people view it as unethical. Businesses can send out mass quantities consistently as the cost per email is incredibly low. To gain access to your computer, a Spam Emails can also be a malicious attempt.

block spam email on android

Even more important, for malware and phishing, Spam Emails are a major vector. One in 319 emails were phishing and one in 281 emails contain malware, according to Symantec in its most recent report.

That means your organization’s systems can be infected with viruses or may send out your organization’s sensitive information to malicious parties by opening spam. A lot more pain and suffering can be caused by either of those scenarios than an inbox full of junk mail.

However, you’re probably frustrated because of this unwanted mail and wish to do something about that. Rest assured that there are steps you can take to prevent malicious intrusions on your computers and data and reduce the amount of junk flooding your inbox.

How to report spam email?

Report spam on Gmail

Even if Gmail tries to keep spam out of your inbox, messages get through sometimes. In your inbox, if you see a spam message :

  • On your computer, go to Gmail.
  • To the left of the message or open the message, check the box.
  • Click Report Spam Report spam. It is visible near the top of the page.

Tip: Google will receive a copy of the email and may analyze it to help protect our users from spam and abuse when you click Report spam or manually move an email into your Spam folder.

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How to block spam email on android?

A sender’s messages will go to your Spam folder when you block him/her.

  • On your computer, go to Gmail.
  • Open the message.
  • In the top right, click More More.
  • Click Block [sender].

Tip: If you blocked someone by mistake, using the same steps, you can unblock them.

What happens when you click on a link in a spam email?

First of all, try to remain calm. Don’t go too hard on yourself. It can happen to anybody. While some of the spam emails sound so real that a true criminal mastermind could have created them, while some are quite obvious in their attempt to get harmful malware on your computer or get a hold of your credit card info. 

You will be taken to a website where you’re supposed to log in or enter your bank account info by most malicious links. Close the page as soon as possible and refrain from typing in anything. This is the most crucial step here. It will seem like nothing happened after you hit that shady link, in some cases. But it doesn’t mean you’re safe.

  • Get offline as soon as possible—Staying connected to the internet is riskier as someone might attempt to control your device remotely or dangerous malware might spread to other devices using the same network.
  • Use antivirus software to scan your device— For your phone and computer, there are many antivirus and anti-malware programs. Some require a paid service plan, while others are free. Make sure to do a full device scan and follow its instructions, no matter which option you use. Do it while you’re offline
  • Change your login credentials —Start with the most important ones. For example, your PayPal, email, social media, and online banking account passwords. If possible, try to use another device for making changes. The goal of email scams is getting this sort of information, and the sooner you alter what they stole, the better for your wallet
  • Make file backups —if you do it regularly and before something bad happens, this piece of advice works best. It can also do wonders after the accident occurs. Since malware might destroy or corrupt your data, transfer the most important files to a cloud or an external drive if your phone or computer needs pair.

Why does my email go to spam?

As mailbox providers have developed sophisticated anti-spam technologies that make it harder for spammers to reach the inbox, emails aren’t made to the inbox. Unfortunately, this could still affect you, even if you’re a legitimate sender.

Spam Emails

Spam Emails

All these security measures are so smart that a single small mistake as a sender could leave the majority of your email in the spam folder, and this is a problem 

  • Didn’t Get Permission from Recipients
  • Receive Negative Engagement
  • Have a Bad IP Reputation
  • No Unsubscribe Link
  • Bad Email Design

How to know if a craigslist email is spam?

Here’s how you can put a stop on them once and for all if you too have the misfortune to be bombarded with Craigslist spam emails.

You have a couple of options if you want to stop spam on your own:

  • Through a Craigslist form, reporting the issue 
  • Flagging the abusive posts
  • Sending the potentially dangerous spam to Craigslist

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By offering an online form you can complete, Craigslist helps its users with junk mail that is intended to harm the recipient. Follow these steps if you opt for this choice:

  • Go to the Craigslist Help page
  • Locate the Abuse section
  • Locate the link that directs you to complete the online form
  • Select on the Scams, Spams, Flagging option
  • Select the type of issue that  describes your situation best
  • Click on the Contact Us option
  • Provide the details with the form requires
  • Confirm by clicking Send Message

For users who want to report spam to Craigslist, this option is strictly reserved.