So you are watching a dope stream and you wish to watch more of their content, but you don’t want to pay for a monthly subscription. So what do you do? Well to stay up to date without having to pay for a monthly subscription, you can follow them on Twitch ion. But how exactly do you do that?

How to follow someone on Twitch?

You first go to the channel that you want to follow, to follow someone on Twitch. Click the “Follow” button with the heart on it located just below the live video of the streamer when you are on the channel.

The empty heart emoji found on the follow button will fill up, the word follows will disappear and you will only be left with a small grey box with a heart emoji inside of it when you click the button. You Are Officially Following Someone when you see this.

Unlike on mobile, you can still follow a person on Twitch even while the ad is playing. It does not matter if an ad is playing or not.

  • Now there is a bell next to the follow button that you can toggle on and off if you don’t want to be bothered by notifications from the streamer. As they can get a bit annoying, I turn off these notifications, but that is your call. 

Now the process is just about the same if you are using Twitch on Mobile. 

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follow someone on twitch

How to follow someone on Twitch Mobile?

You need to first go to the channel of the streamer that you would like to follow, to follow someone on Twitch mobile. Then, you will see the purple “Follow” button with a heart in it, below the live video of the streamer. Click on the video and the menu should drop down with the follow button on it if the button is not there. Also, you will need to wait for the ad to finish first if an ad is playing.

Click the “follow” button. The heart will fill up purple. Now you are following this streamer.

Again, I suggest clicking the bell icon next to the follow button to turn off notifications, just like on the computer. Otherwise every time a streamer goes live, you will be sent a notification and this can be quite annoying.    

So what happens now if you have had enough of a streamer’s antics and you want to unfollow them, now that you know how to follow someone on Twitch.

How to unfollow someone on Twitch?

You must first go to the streamers channel to unfollow someone on Twitch. You will see a grey button with a black heart in the middle of it, below their live video stream. The heart will turn red and be broken if you hover over the button. Click on the broken heart. Then you will have unfollowed that streamer. 

Now don’t worry, you can always follow them back if you change your mind. They probably won’t even notice that you unfollowed them if they are a big streamer. Since no alert happens when someone unfollows a channel even if they are a small streamer they still might not notice at first. At least I have never seen one.

Now to unfollow someone on Twitch mobile is very similar to unfollowing someone on the desktop. 

How to Unfollow Someone on Twitch Mobile?

Go first to the streamers channel to unfollow someone on Twitch Mobile. Now below the live video of the stream, there will be a follow button with a purple heart that is filled in. Click on the screen and it should appear, if you do not see the button then. You will have to wait until the ad is over, if there is an ad then.

If you are sure that you want to unfollow this person, click on the follow button with the purple heart and a screen will pop up asking you. Click yes. Then the purple heart will become empty. You have now unfollowed that streamer.

If you change your mind no big deal, just like on a desktop. You can always go back and follow this person again. Unfollowing someone is not a permanent thing. Check out my video below if you need more help.

Typical Reasons Why Viewers Unfollow on Twitch 

There are several intentions an individual may wish to unfollow a Twitch stream. A portion of the average ones include:  

  • Individuals can have their ideas and what they appreciate to change, or the stream could use a different way with new styles of business that is no longer usable with all viewers, finished with appreciating the stream’s content.  
  • It can be implied by the consumer or creator changing the timetable that it is not suitable for the viewers to check out any streams.  
  • Their visit that you do not have any desire to support or be a part of or questionable remarks might have been made by the stream.  
  • The amount of engagement with people during conversations can now and again decrease by the Stream development. Usually, when individuals grow out of that, it tends to be an ideal opportunity to proceed Onward as individuals appreciate direct contact with the stream.  
  • Clients can get trapped in a follow for following situations where they were not followed back, or maybe they no longer need to help follow plans.

Do Twitch Streamers Know If You Unfollow Them?

Twitch won’t notify the users that you’ve unfollowed them. However, there are means to receive your list of unfollowers on Twitch. That means the streamers you’ve unfollowed can find out about you. However, if it’s a major streamer, among all the others who have done the same, they probably won’t notice your name. So don’t worry.


A normal feature that Twitch features to keep viewers happy is following and unfollowing Channels. Sure, unfollowing someone may influence how much Twitch streamers earn, but it’s not as significant if it’s only you. If you no longer wish to view the content of a particular streamer, you shouldn’t feel bad and now you know how to avoid them if such a case occurs.