Apple’s home run, Samsung’s production We’ve made it through another week. It was a lively one for tech news this week, but we’ve sifted through the biggest stories to bring you our chosen winnersApple’s home run, Samsung’s production and loser of the week just gone. Two big names end up at either end of our fortune scale this week.

We’ll start with some honorable mentions. It would be amiss to mention OnePlus this week. With the launch of its new 8 and 8 Pro, the Chinese manufacturer is bringing some exciting new gear to the table. We’ve already been hands-on with both the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, and we think they’re pretty cool. However, the prices of these new phones have caused a stir among fans of the former flagship-killing brand. The days of massively undercutting its rivals on price seem to be gone for OnePlus, as the manufacturer looks to gain market share in the premium segment of the market. Don’t take my word for it, though. You can read all about it below:

Winner of the week: Apple and the iPhone SE2

Choosing a winner Apple’s home run, Samsung’s production of the week this week was a fairly straightforward decision. Whatever you think about the new iPhone SE2, launched on Wednesday, the reaction is undeniably positive. Apple has managed to create a phone with its latest A13 bionic processor and a Retina display, and get it out of the door and into customers’ hands for $399. Let’s not forget that this is a company that sells a set of wheels for its Mac Pro for $699.


Both traditional and social media went crazy when that price dropped. Apple played its cards at the perfect moment, too. With rumors around the imminent announcement circling for days, the Cupertino crew timed this one to a tee, announcing its bombshell price right in the middle of the OnePlus uproar. We’ve yet to test the new device, so we will reserve judgment on the hardware for now, but Apple’s home run, Samsung’s production timing here is undeniably on point. And it’s for that, and that reason alone, that we announce Tim and the gang as our winners of the week.

Loser of the week: Samsung’s smartphone production drops by 60%

Competition on price in the smartphone market is always positive for consumers, but it wasn’t all good news for smartphone fans this week. In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, Apple’s home run, Samsung’s production of smartphones will be cut by half this month.

In a normal month, the South Korean tech giant produces around 25 million devices. For the month of April, Samsung will be lucky to hit 10 million. That leaves the company with 15 million missing devices it cannot sell, and that’s going to have a big impact on its bottom line.


Samsung builds smartphones all over the world, in factories based everywhere from Slovakia to South Korea, Brazil, and India. With lockdowns and government restrictions happening globally, it seems that the company can no longer maintain its relentless Apple’s home run, Samsung’s production schedule. This is an issue that will affect all smartphone manufacturers, of course, but as the market’s number one producer, Samsung is being hit the hardest.

With Apple’s home run, Samsung’s production difficulties, growing unemployment and economic challenges ahead, the future for the smartphone market looks uncertain. Could we be seeing the end of the luxury must-have smartphone as a mainstream product? Are these the last days of Rome for the industry? That’s hyperbole, of course, but we’re walking into the dark at the moment, and I hope we see the light at the end of the tunnel soon.